Chaos Communication Congress 23 Dec. 27, 2006 to Dec. 30, 2006, Berlin, Germany

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Notes : 27th Chaos Communication Congress

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Software Reliability In Aerospace Erwin Erkinger The challenge of designing reliable is managed different in every industry. This lecture will give ... Security
Wifi Backpack Strap Workshop Fabienne Serriere This will be a hands-on hardware hacking workshop with all materials to build your own ... Security
23C3 Network Review Stefan Wahl , Elisa Jasinska , Maxim Salomon , Niels Bakker An Introduction into the structure and design of the congress network - featuring a description ... Security Infrastructure
Diac24.Net David L This is a hands-on VPN "introduction". We'll be walking through tunnel and routing setup, talk ... Security Routing
Faster Pwning Assured David Hulton This talk will go in depth into methods for breaking crypto faster using FPGAs. Security
Tap The Electronic Frontier Foundation Danny O'brien , Peter Eckersley EFF staffers answer your questions about American wiretapping, the latest moves of the *AA, the ... Security
Black Ops 2006 Viz Edition Dan Kaminsky Tools for visualizing the genome can be repurposed to visualize code. Visualized code can be ... Security Fuzzing
Chaos Und Kritische Theorie Daniel Kulla , Oona Leganovic Kritische Theorie, wie sie sich vor allem an Adorno festmachen lässt, und Diskordianismus, der als ... Security
The Linguistic Fingerprint Daniela Berger In the wake of crime science shows like CSI and high profile criminal cases like ... Security
(Women Only) Haecksen-Plenums-Frühstück Cyworg netzwerkeln, projekte planen - WOMAN ONLY ALLE SICH WEIBLICH FÜHLENDEN MENSCHEN SIND HERZLICH EINGELADEN Security
Biometrics In Science Fiction Constanze Kurz , Roland Kubica It is a buzzword at the moment: biometrics. Everyone is talking about it and consumers ... Security
Advanced Attacks Against Pocketpc Phones Collin Mulliner Smart phones are the new favorite target of many attackers. Also most current attacks are ... Security Analysis
Go - Das Spiel Für Die Menschen Christoph Gerlach Primitiv einfache Spielregeln aber komplexeste Zusammenhänge, bei denen Computerprogramme kläglich versagen während Menschen auf wundersame ... Security
Warum Wir Uns So Gerne Überwachen Lassen… Christine Ketzer Das Phänomen steigender Überwachung und Kontrolle ist vielfach beschrieben und diskutiert wurden. Klagen werden allerorts ... Security
Open Source Machine Translation Christine Corbett Moran Today two revolutions are pushing the machine translation field forward: the open source movement, and ... Security
Dying Giraffe Recordings: A Non-Evil Recordlabel Christian Tan Todays music industry has created a system that is unfair for both the musicians and ... Security
Transparency And Privacy Caspar Bowden Microsoft has proposed architectural principles ("7 Laws of Identity") to support convergence towards an inter-operable, ... Security Privacy
Dvb-T - From Pixeldata To Cofdm Transmission Christian Daniel , Thomas Kleffel As DVB-T is the key technology for terrestrial broadcasting for the next decades, this lecture ... Security
Hackerspaces Jens Ohlig , Paul Böhm , Bruder , T Hackerspaces are community-run places where you can meet, work on projects, organize events and workshops, ... Security Others
A Not So Smart Card Bernd R. Fix This lecture will introduce you to the the Postcard, a widely used debit card issued ... Security
Podjournalism Bicyclemark Throughout the world, major media companies are cutting their budgets for investigative reporting. Most journalists ... Security Media
Design And Implementation Of An Object-Oriented, Secure Tcp/Ip Stack Hannes Mehnert , Andreas Bogk We present a domain-specific language (DSL) capable to describe ad-hoc defined protocols like TCP/IP. Additionally ... Security
Software Protection And The Tpm Amit Singh Ever since Apple announced the x86 version of Mac OS X, people have been obsessed ... Security Media
Homegrown Interactive Tables Ulrich von Zadow , Andreas Dietrich , Andre Helwig , Christian Bennat , Mirco Fichtner Technology to build low-cost touch-sensitive tables with high precision is publicly available since the beginning ... Security
Secure Network Server Programming On Unix Andreas Krennmair This talk describes a software system to securely execute predefined commands over an untrusted network, ... Security Unix
Ccc Jahresrückblick Andy Müller-maguhn , Andreas Lehner , Frank Rosengart , Lars Weiler , Starbug Die Sprecher des CCC stellen die Aktivitäten des und Geschehnisse im Chaos Computer Club im ... Security
Krypta: Diy Serverhousing Andreas Marksteiner , Chris Kummerer , Markus Sulzbacher Funkfeuer (0xFF), als freie Netzwerkinitiative in Wien eine Schwester von Freifunk, begann vor 2 Jahren ... Security
Revenge Of The Female Nerds Annalee Newitz Why do media and industry lag behind reality when it comes to estimating women's technical ... Security Media
Schlossöffnung Bei Der Staatssicherheit Der Ddr Arthur Meister Arthur Meister erläutert das operative Vorgehen und die speziellen Werkzeuge zur Schlossöffnung, die von der ... Security
A 10Ge Monitoring System Arien Vijn Capturing network packets is a valuable technique for troubleshooting network problems. Capturing at network speeds ... Security Monitoring
Hacking A Country: Foss In India Atul Chitnis This talk is about the growth of Free Software in India. It includes an overview ... Security
Culture Jamming &Amp; Discordianism Autumn Tyr-salvia , Fox Magrathea Discordianism is somewhere between a joke and a religion, and at the same time manages ... Security
Lightning Talks Day 1 B9punk , Sven Guckes Definition: Lightning Talks is a daily event. which consists in one hour of several short ... Security
Acts_As_Cool Beate Paland Das Webframework Ruby on Rails steckt - vom Alter und Bekanntheitsgrad her gesehen - noch ... Security
How To Squeeze More Performance Out Of Your Wifi Most of today's long-range wireless mesh or point-to-point links suffer from a high overhead during ... Security Wireless
Rootkits As Reversing Tools Alan Bradley This talk will cover two rootkits used as reverse engineering tools, one rootkit support library, ... Security Rootkits
Überwachungsdruck - Einige Experimente Adrian ( atrox ) Dabrowski , Martin Slunsky Wie wirkt Überwachung? Was ändert es am Verhalten von Passanten? Wir haben Experimente im öffentlichen ... Security
Building An Open Source Pki Using Openxpki Alexander Klink , Michael Bell OpenXPKI is an open source trust center software, written by the OpenXPKI Project, which aims ... Security
Freie Software - Eine Chance Für Afrika? Alex Antener In einem Dokumentationsbericht über ein "Free Software Projekt" erzählt Alex Antener von seinen Reisen nach ... Security
German Lojban Meeting Alexander Koch A chance to meet other European lojbanists and to discuss actions to build up a ... Security
To Live Outside The Law You Gotta Be Honest Werner Pieper As a dealer of illegal substances in the late 60s, early 70s, I learned how ... Security
Güter Und Personen Tracken - Lokalisierung Im Pizzamann-Universum Volker Birk Dieser Vortrag gibt einen Überblick und geht auf Details von unterschiedlichen Tracking & Tracing-Technologien ein. ... Security
Avit≫C23: 3L ('Thrill') Vj Software Visual Berlin have been working for over one year on a new software for commercial release, ... Security Analysis
Web Application Security Viktoria Polzer Extensive information on web application security mistakes (and how to avoid them) has been available ... Security Web
Powerpoint Karaoke Verena Hafner Dieser Wettbewerb hat ein einfaches Prinzip: der Vortragende sieht die Folien seiner Präsentation bei Beginn ... Security
Why Opensource Needs Professional Marketing Valerie Hoh Where is OpenSource-Software today, and where do we want to see it by the end ... Security
Introduction To Matrix Programming: Trance Codes Ulong The main communication streams in our realities happen besides the exchange of facts and arguments. ... Security
Hacking The Electoral Law Ulrich Wiesner How the Ministry of the Interior turns fundamental election principals into their opposite, without even ... Security
Sie Haben Das Recht Zu Schweigen Udo Vetter Wer online lebt und arbeitet, tut dies unter den Augen der Strafverfolger. Der Vortrag schildert, ... Security
Java Wird Groovy Tof Christof Vollrath Groovy ist eine neue, dynamische Sprache für die Java-VM. Sie greift Konzepte von Smalltalk, Python ... Security
The Rise And Fall Of Open Source Tonnerre Lombard This lecture outlines a possible future retrospective on OpenSource built from a simple continuation of ... Security
Nintendo Hacking Teatime Tobias Weyand A nice and cozy get-together for DS homebrew hackers, wannabe DS homebrew hackers, and everyone ... Security
Gesundheitskarte 1.01 Thomaus Haben die Gesundheitskarte-Projektleiter aus den bisherigen Fehlern gelernt oder machen sie alles nur noch schlimmer?Die ... Security
Closing Ceremony Tim Pritlove None Security
Pornography And Technology Tina Lorenz Pornography is an abstract phenomenon. It cannot exist without a medium to propagate it, and ... Security
Analysis Of A Strong Random Number Generator Thomas Biege This paper (and slides) will descibe the inner workings of the the random number generator ... Security Analysis
Drones Steini I am watching you: drones for private use are getting real. A live presentation of ... Security
Detecting Temperature Through Clock Skew Steven J. Murdoch By requesting timestamps from a computer, a remote adversary can find out the precise speed ... Security
Elektronische Reisedokumente Starbug Auch dieses Jahr gab es wieder eine Menge Wirbel um den ePass. Neue Studien wurden ... Security
Trust Your Eyes Sonja Vorgestellt werden theoretische Grundlagen der Visualisierung und der menschlichen Wahrnehmung sowie einige Visualisierungstechniken. Im Anschluss ... Security
Snortattack.Org Snortattack Team Workshop Challenge : Are you ready to hack ? Security
Juristische Fragen Um Die Mitbenutzung Fremder Wlans Soeren Der Vortrag gibt einen Überblick über den rechtlichen Rahmen des WLAN-Surfens im Zivil- und Strafrecht ... Security
One Laptop Per Child Sj What tools do children need to learn to understand and hack their own environment? Specific ... Security
Drm Comes To European Digital Tv Seth Schoen European digital television standards (both free-to-air broadcast and pay TV) developed by the DVB project ... Security
The Worst Part Of Censorship Is Xxxxx Sebastian Wolfgarten This talk analyzes large-scale, countrywide Internet content filtering from a technical point of view and ... Security
Information Operations Sebastian Schroeder The use of information technology has brought a lot of new functionality and efficiency with ... Security
Counter-Development Sandro Gaycken Civil disobedience is a fundamental human right in all democracies, and it has to be ... Security
Barrierefreies Web Sebastian Andres In diesem Vortrag geht es um die Problematik des barrierefreien Webs. Der Vortragende ist selber ... Security Web
We Don'T Trust Voting Computers Rop Gonggrijp This talk covers the dutch campaign against unverifiable voting on computers, which is part of ... Security
Security Nightmares 2007 Ron Davidson Security Nightmares - der jährliche Rückblick auf die IT-Sicherheit und der Security-Glaskugelblick für's nächste Jahr. Security
Tor And China Roger Dingledine Websites like Wikipedia and Blogspot are increasingly being blocked by government-level firewalls around the world. ... Security Anonymity Access
Opensearch Robin Gareus Who controls the information? In this modern age, search engines have a distinct influence on ... Security
Mining Search Queries Robert Auger AOL recently published over 34M weakly anonymized search queries from their users by intension. This ... Security Analysis
A Natural Language Database Interface Using Fuzzy Semantics Richard Bergmair We give a thorough exposition of our natural language database interface that produces result sets ... Security
In The Absence Of Trust Régine Débatty In 1996, The Surveillance Camera Players started manifesting their opposition to the culture of surveillance ... Security
Hacker Jeopardy Ray Davidson The well known quizshow format, but of course covering topics not usually seen on television Security
Router And Infrastructure Hacking Raven Alder The security of backbone devices has been under increasing focus for the past few years, ... Security Infrastructure
(Woman Only) Qualität Heißt Selber Machen Ragni-serina Zlotos Die eigene Sicht der Dinge - oder konkreter Ereignisse - an ein Massenpublikum bringen: Dieses ... Security
Virtuelle Sicherheit Ralf Spenneberg Xen bietet aufregende neue Sicherheitsfunktionen: Mandatory Access Control und virtuelle TPMs. Der Vortrag stellt diese ... Security
Tracking Von Personen In Videoszenen Pille Mittels der Computer-Vision-Library OpenCV wird gezeigt, welche Bildverarbeitungsschritte notwendig sind, um bewegte Objekte in Videoszenen ... Security
Body Hacking Quinn Norton What happens when we leave behind cosmetics and start to modify our bodies and minds ... Security
Das Neue Gesetzliche Verbot Des Hackings Peter Voigt Entwickler, Administratoren und gewisse Internet-Nutzer treffen die Auswirkungen eines aktuellen Gesetzesvorhabens auf dem kaltem Fuß. ... Security
How To Design A Decent User Interface Pallas Corinna Habets Prepare to be brainwashed! This talk wants you to switch from the developer's perspective to ... Security
Data Retention Update Patrick Breyer , Ralf Bendrath , Rikke Frank Jørgensen The EU adopted a directive on the retention of data regarding the communications, movements and ... Security Privacy Media
4+2+1 Jahre Bigbrotherawards Deutschland Padeluun , Rena Tangens Vorgestellt wird das "Schwarzbuch Datenschutz", das in diesem Jahr entstanden ist: Sieben Jahre BigBrotherAwards Deutschland ... Security
The Story Of The Hacker Foundation Nick Farr Talk will focus on the three year history of the Hacker Foundation in the USA ... Security
Tv-B-Gone Mitch Altman It is possible and desirable and fun to invent and create technologies that help our ... Security
Inside Vmware Michael Steil Virtualization is rocket science. In cooperation with the host operating system, VMware takes over complete ... Security
Json Rpc Steffen ( mesch ) Meschkat JSON RPC is a recently fashionable buzzword in the AJAX context. This lecture explains its ... Security
A Hacker'S Toolkit For Rfid Emulation And Jamming Melanie Rieback Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are remotely-powered data carriers, that are often touted as a ... Security
Digitale Bildforensik Matthias Kirchner Mit der mehr und mehr digitalisierten Fototechnik ist es heute ohne Vorwissen nahezu jedem möglich, ... Security
Kollaboratives Wissensmanagement Im Bildungsbereich Rüdiger Weis , Martin ( maha ) Haase Im Mittelpunkt des Beitrags steht das wissenschaftliche Zitieren der Wikipedia im Kontext der Diskussion um ... Security
Nerds Und Geeks Zwischen Stereotyp Und Subkultur Mareike Glöß In dem Vortrag sollen die Ergebnisse einer kulturwissenschaftlichen Forschungsarbeit vorgestellt und diskutiert werden. Dabei wird ... Security
Know Your Citizens Marco Gercke The balance between effective criminal investigations and the protection of human rights is currently intensively ... Security Access
Nintendo Ds Marcel Klein , Mario Manno , Tobias Gruetzmacher The Nintendo DS is a mobile gaming console. It was first introduced in 2004. Our ... Security
Security In The Cardholder Data Processing?! Manuel Atug MasterCard and Visa have jointly released the PCI Data Security Standard which defines security requirements ... Security
Gäste-Überwachung In Hotels Durch Staatliche Und Private Schnüffler Manfred Fink Fragwürdige Methoden der InformationsbeschaffungRekonstruktion authentischer FälleSchutz von Geschäftsgeheimnnissen und Privatsphäre Security
23C3 Ctf Lexi Pimendis , None Security
Automated Exploit Detection In Binaries Luis Miras In this talk, we will introduce the audience to the concepts involved in static analysis, ... Security
On Free, And The Differences Between Culture And Code Lawrence Lessig None Security
Mobile Phone Call Encryption Leigh ( Hypatiadotca ) Honeywell , Paul Wouters To encrypt all your mobile phones to protect it from overzealous eavesdroppers, you are currently ... Security
Fudging With Firmware Khorben This lecture aims at providing ideas and practical techniques about the reverse-engineering process of equipment ... Security
Bluetooth Hacking Revisited Kevin Finistere , Thierry Zoller Hacking Bluetooth revisited - This talks goes into the depth of Bluetooth security, we'll show ... Security
Csrf, The Intranet And You Martin Johns , Justus Winter A detailed introduction to Cross Site Request Forgery. This talk presents the fundamental cause of ... Security
Ego Striptease - Ich Zeig Dir, Wer Du Bist Jule Riede-buechele , Teemu Schaabl Als Orkut aufkam, gab es zwei Sorten Menschen: die einen wetteiferten um die meisten Invitations, ... Security
Mmorpgs Joi Ito This talk will focus on World of Warcraft, the most popular MMORPG. There will be ... Security
The Grim Meathook Future Joshua Ellis Most modern futurism describes technology-driven futures: the nanotech future, the biotech future, etc. But there's ... Security
Stealth Malware - Can Good Guys Win? Joanna Rutkowska The presentation will try to present current challenges in detecting advanced forms of stealth malware ... Security Malware
We Are Great Together, The Liberal Society And Its Enemies! Johannes Grenzfurthner A talk medley from monochrom, a worldwide operating collective from Vienna dealing with technology, art, ... Security
Who Can You Trust? John Perry Barlow Opening event of the 23rd Chaos Communication Congress. After a welcome talk, the 23C3's keynote ... Security Keynote
Sip Security Jan Seedorf The presentation will give an overview on SIP security issues and show possible weaknesses in ... Security
Privacy, Identity, And Anonymity In Web 2.0 Jan Schallaböck , Udo Neitzel The presentation will show the hidden privacy implications of some web2.0 and identity2.0 services, standards ... Security Web Anonymity
Unlocking Filevault Jacob Appelbaum , Ralf-Philipp Weinmann Analysis of the MacOS X storage encryption technology FileVault. Having fun by reverse-engineering private Frameworks ... Security
A Probabilistic Trust Model For Gnupg Jacek Jonczy , Markus Wüthrich Ein Vertrauensnetz beschreibt einen typischen dezentralen PKI-Ansatz, welcher in der Verschlüsselungssoftware PGP sowie GnuPG umgesetzt ... Security
Machine Learning In A Nutshell Isabel Drost The intention is to give a brief overview of how to learn from data, which ... Security
Konrad Zuse - Der Rechnende Raum Ina Kwasniewski , Jens-martin Loebel , Kai Kittler , Marcus Richter Er gilt als der deutsche Pionier der frühen Rechentechnik: Konrad Zuse. Sein Leben, seine Rechenmaschinen ... Security
Unusual Bugs Ilja Gerhardt In this presentation I'll present a series of unusual security bugs. Things that I've ran ... Security
Rfid Hacking Henryk Plötz , Karsten Nohl , Z0ccor This talk will elaborate on the security and social aspects of RFID technology. We will ... Security
Void The Warranty! Hunz We're surrounded by blackboxes containing digital technology nowadays. There are complex devices like cell phones ... Security
Geschichte Der Automaten, Androiden Und Homunculi Henriette Fiebig Die Schachspieler und Musikautomaten des 18. Jahrhunderts sind bekannt: Weniger bekannt sind die Automaten der ... Security
Openpcd / Openpicc Harald Welte , Milosch Meriac This presentation will introduce and demonstrate OpenPCD and OpenPICC. The purpose of those projects is ... Security
Subverting Ajax Giorgio Fedon , Stefano Di Paola Ajax and the new dynamic extensions leverage new threats that lead to innovative attack scenarios ... Security Web
The Gift Of Sharing Gregers Petersen This paper will dive into this complex questionmark through a comparison between primitive hunter-gatherer societies ... Security
Automated Botnet Detection And Mitigation Georg 'oxff' Wicherski Botnets are one of the most buzzy buzzwords out there today in the computer security ... Security Analysis Malware
Vehicular Communication And Vanets Frank Kargl Vehicle communication is a major research topic, covered by many national and international research projects. ... Security Privacy
(Women Only) Bauen Einer Wlan-Antenne Fredi Kleine Einführung in die HF Wellenausbreitung und Funktionsweise verschiedener Antennentypen, dannach Bau von – unterschiedlichen ... Security
Fuzzing In The Corporate World Gadi Evron We will discuss fuzzing uses by software vendors and in the corporate world, for security ... Security Fuzzing
An Introduction To Traffic Analysis George Danezis This talk will present an overview of traffic analysis techniques, and how they can be ... Security Analysis
Erfakreis-Meeting Fh Die Erfakreise des CCC treffen sich. Security
Infon Battle Arena Florian Wesch This workshop is an introdutcion to the programming game Infon Battle Arena. Security
Fnord Jahresrückblick Felix von Leitner , Frank Rieger This talk will be held in German.Der Fnord-Jahresrückblick widmet sich der politischen und sozialen Entwicklung ... Security
Ethernet Mit Mikrocontrollern Fd0 Steuer- und Messaufgaben erledigt am besten ein Mikrocontroller. Wenn zeitgemäß auf dieses Device zugegriffen werden ... Security
Console Hacking 2006 Felix Domke "Next Generation" gaming consoles should not be limited to games, they have powerful hardware which ... Security