Suitsandspooks 2014 Dec. 14, 2014 to Dec. 14, 2014, Singapore,Singapore

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Address Jeffrey Carr N/A
APT Attribution and DNS Profiling Frankie Li N/A
An Assessment of the DPRK’s Cyber Warfare Capabilities Jaekee Min N/A
[PANEL] Nation State Challenges in Security Critical Infrastructure from Digital Attacks Joshua Goldfarb , Kamlish Bajaj , Simon Ganiere , Jonathan Tomek N/A
A Briefing On INTERPOL’s Cyber Fusion Centre Paul Ward N/A
[PANEL] PRC Threat Assessment: Separating Fact From Fiction Jeffrey Carr , Frankie Li , Kamlish Bajaj , "vladimir" N/A
Global Surveillance and Loss of Trust in Cyberspace Kamlish Bajaj N/A
DPRK Technology Transfer Through N. Korean Residents in Japan "vladimir" N/A