4th UNIX Security Symposium 1993 Oct. 4, 1990 to Oct. 6, 1990, Santa Clara, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Cryptolib: Cryptography In Software John B. Lacy None Security Cryptography
Long Running Jobs In An Authenticated Environment Aviel D. Rubin , Peter Honeyman , Ann Arbor None Security
The Architecture And Implementation Of Network Layer Security In Unix John Ioannidis , Matt Blaze Security Unix
Retrofitting Network Security To Third-Party Applications -- The Securebase Experience Jonathan I. Kamens None Security
Dial-In Security Firewall Software Bob Baldwin None Security Firewall
Secure Rpc Authentication (Sra) For Telnet And Ftp David R. Safford , Douglas Lee Schales , David K. Hess None Security
Caller Id System In The Internet Environment Hyun Tae Jung , Hae Lyong Kim , Yang Min Seo , Ghun Choe , Sang Min , Chong Sang Kim , Kern Koh None Security
Atp - Anti-Tampering Program David Vincenzetti , Massimo Cotrozzi , U. Italy None Security
The Tamu Security Package: An Ongoing Response To Internet Intruders In An Academic Environment Douglas Lee Schales , David K. Hess , David R. Safford None Security
Unix Security Update Jerry M. Carlin None Security Unix
The Persistent Hacker Eduardo Rodriguez None Security
Sendmail Without The Superuser Mark E. Carson None Security
Approximating Clark-Wilson Access Triples With Basic Unix Commands Wade Polk None Security Access Unix