Systor 2016 June 6, 2016 to June 8, 2016, haifa,israel

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Supporting data-driven I/O on GPUs using GPUfs Mark Silberstein , Sagi Shahar N/A
Black box replication: Breaking the latency limits Assaf Natanzon , Alex Winocur , Eitan Bachmat N/A
SSD Failures in Datacenters: What? When? and Why? Jie Liu , Iyswarya Narayanan , Di Wang , Myeongjae Jeon , Bikash Sharma , Laura Caulfield , Anand Sivasubramaniam , Ben Cutler , Badriddine Khessib , Kushagra Vaid N/A
Health-Binning: Maximizing the Performance and the Endurance of Consumer-Level NAND Flash Roman Pletka , Sasa Tomic N/A
File System Usage in Android Mobile Phones Roy Friedman , David Sainz N/A
Helping Protect Software Distribution with PSWD Edi Shmueli , Sergey Goffman , Yoram Zahavi N/A
SeMiNAS: A Secure Middleware for Wide-Area Network-Attached Storage Erez Zadok , Ming Chen , Arun Olappamanna Vasudevan , Kelong Wang N/A
Proper Timed I/O: High-Accuracy Real-Time Control for Conventional Operating Systems Sivan Toledo , Yogev Vaknin N/A
S-RAC: SSD Friendly Caching for Data Center Workloads Xiaosong Ma , Yuanjiang Ni , Ji Jiang , Dejun Jiang , Jin Xiong N/A
Versioned Programming: A Simple Technique for Implementing Efficient, Lock-Free, and Composable Data Structures Donald E. Porter , Yang Zhan N/A
Elastic Queue: A Universal SSD Lifetime Extension Plug-in for Cache Replacement Algorithms Yushi Liang , Yunpeng Chai , Yaohong Liu , Ning Bao , Hengyu Chen N/A
Exploiting Parallelism of Distributed Nested Transactions Binoy Ravindran , Roberto Palmieri , Duane Niles N/A
A study on the errors and uncertainties of file system trace capture methods Thiago Emmanuel Pereira , Francisco Vilar Brasileiro , Livia Sampaio N/A
Reducing Journaling Harm on Virtualized I/O Systems Kang G. Shin , Sam H. Noh , Eunji Lee , Hyokyung Bahn , Minseong Jeong , Sunghwan Kim , Jesung Yeon , Seunghoon Yoo N/A
The DragonBeam Framework: Hardware-Protected Security Modules for In-Place Intrusion Detection Mihai Christodorescu , Lui Sha , Man-ki Yoon , Sibin Mohan N/A
Enabling Space Elasticity in Storage Systems Mahesh Balakrishnan , Helgi Sigurbjarnarson , Petur O. Ragnarsson , Ymir Vigfusson N/A
Enterprise Resource Management in Mesos Clusters Abed Abu-dbai , Khalid Ahmed , David Breitgand , Gidon Gershinsky , Alex Glikson N/A
Using Storage Class Memory Efficiently for an In-Memory Database Yonatan Gottesman , Ronen Kat , Joel Nider , Yaron Weinsberg , Michael Factor N/A
I/O Core Manager for Virtual Environments Dan Tsafrir , Joel Nider , Eyal Moscovici , Yossi Kuperman , Razya Ladelsky , Abel Gordon N/A
Cross-ISA Container Migration Joel Nider , Mike Rapoport N/A
Memory-Aware Management for Multi-Level Main Memory Complex using an Optimization of the Aging Paging Algorithm Gal Oren , Leonid Barenboim , Lior Amar N/A
Software-Defined Emulation Infrastructure for High Speed Storage Manu Awasthi , Krishna T. Malladi , Hongzhong Zheng N/A
Flexible Download Time Analysis of Coded Storage Systems Qiqi Shuai , Victor O.k. Li N/A
A Robotic Mobile Hot Spot Relay (MHSR) for Disaster Areas Itai Dabran , Tom Palny N/A
Semi-Open Trace Based Simulation for Reliable Evaluation of Job Throughput and User Productivity Dror G. Feitelson , Netanel Zakay N/A
Coded Network Switches for Improved Throughput Rami Cohen , Yuval Cassuto N/A
Fast and Scalable Security Support for Directory-Based Distributed Shared Memory Ofir Shwartz , Yitzhak Birk N/A
Optics in Data Centers - Adapting to Diverse Modern Workloads Ofer Biran , Dean Lorenz , Isaac Keslassy , Shay Vargaftik , Ariel Orda , Katherine Barabash , Yaniv Ben-itzhak N/A