SecurityCulture 2016 June 14, 2016 to June 15, 2016, oslo,norway

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Security Culture Keynote Roar Thon , Jane Leclair N/A
Building Security Culture in the Finance Industry Bjørn Watne A keynote looking at key actions to take to align security culture with the board, ...
Baby steps – deep footprints: Magnus Solberg How to build and launch the first iteration of your high-impact security awareness program
Research in Cloud Security Alliance: becoming SLA Ready! Jesus Luna N/A
The Security Culture Framework V2: Updates and progress Rune Ask N/A
Demystifying the Cloud: Can we mitigate the Risks? Mac Van Abel , Velan Thangavelu N/A
Assessing Security Culture Gregor Petric How can we measure security culture using social science techniques?
Your TLS endpoints are not trusted! Mads Henriksveen N/A
Security Culture Framework, your friend when implementing EU new data protection reform Daniel Andersson N/A
Security in the Cloud with Microsoft Tom Seierstad N/A
You can’t outrun the automated, self-replicating Bear Shaun Kelly N/A
Panel: Phishing our colleagues for fun and PR Erlend Andreas Gjære , Magnus Solberg An engaging panel on building and maintaining security culture.Panelists:
Keynote Rik Ferguson N/A
Using Personas to understand your security culture target audience Martine Merwe N/A
How much IoT do you already have in your corporate network? Ove Bristrand N/A
EU data protection- what to do NOW! Maria Nyrén Ivarsson , Christina Arrhult Björk What do you need to know about cloud and the law?
Security Culture as a Just Culture Rowenna Fielding N/A
Training end-users to build better security culture: Andrew Smith what works, and what matters – an organisational psychology perspective.
Interview: The Creator of the Security Culture Framework Roar Thon , Kai Roer O N/A
Keynote: Security And Culture – does it compute? Raj Samani N/A