TaPP 2016 June 8, 2016 to June 9, 2016, washington,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Address:On Data Citation and Provenance Susan B. Davidson Most information is now published in complex, structured, evolving datasets or databases. As such, there ...
Research Session 1: Provenance in Relational Databases James Cheney N/A
Fine-grained Provenance for Linear Algebra Operators Zhepeng Yan , Val Tannen , Zachary G. Ives N/A
Quantifying Causal Effects on Query Answering in Databases Babak Salimi , Leopoldo Bertossi , Dan Suciu , Guy Broeck N/A
Refining SQL Queries based on Why-Not Polynomials Nicole Bidoit , Melanie Herschel , Katerina Tzompanaki N/A
Research Session 2: Provenance and Security Paolo Missier N/A
Provenance Segmentation James Cheney , Rui Abreu , Dave Archer , Erin Chapman , Hoda Eldardiry , Adrià Gascón N/A
Towards Secure User-space Provenance Capture Lucian Carata , Ripduman Sohan , Andy Hopper , Nikilesh Balakrishnan , Thomas Bytheway N/A
Scaling SPADE to "Big Provenance" Ashish Gehani , Hasanat Kazmi , Hassaan Irshad N/A
Research Session 3: Provenance in Workflows and Data Analysis Pipelines Bertram Ludaescher N/A
Automatic Versus Manual Provenance Abstractions: Mind the Gap Pinar Alper , Khalid Belhajjame , Carole A. Goble N/A
Composition and Substitution in Provenance and Workflows Adrià Gascón , Peter Buneman , Dave Murray-rust N/A
From Scientific Workflow Patterns to 5-star Linked Open Data Alban Gaignard , Hala Skaf-molli , Audrey Bihouée N/A
Provenance-aware Versioned Dataworkspaces Xing Niu , Bahareh Sadat Arab , Dieter Gawlick , Zhen Hua Liu , Vasudha Krishnaswamy , Oliver Kennedy , Boris Glavic N/A