HAISA 2016 July 19, 2016 to July 21, 2016, frankfurt,germany

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Keynote Talk:The role of the ICT professional in information security Leon Strous When addressing the human aspect of information security the focus often is on the user. ...
Understanding Precautionary Online Behavioural Intentions: A Comparison of Three Models J. Jansen , P. Van Schaik N/A
Naïve and Accidental Behaviours that Compromise Information Security: What the Experts Think M. Pattinson , M. Butavicius , K. Parsons , A. Mccormac , D. Calic N/A
Behavioural Thresholds in the Context of Information Security D.p. Snyman , H.a. Kruger N/A
IT Security Incidents Escalation in the Swedish Financial Sector: A Maturity Model Study G. Wahlgren , A. Fedotova , A. Musaeva , S. Kowalski N/A
Reasoning About Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing Under a Unified Meta-Model A. Pattakou , C. Kalloniatis , S. Gritzalis N/A
Elicitation of Requirements for an Inter-Organizational Platform to Support Security Management Decisions J. Dax , B. Ley , S. Pape , C. Schmitz , V. Pipek , K. Rannenberg N/A
Getting the Full Benefits of the ISO 27001 to Develop an ISMS based on Organisations’ InfoSec Culture B. Shojaie , H. Federrath , I. Saberi N/A
Towards the Ontology of ISO/IEC 27005:2011 Risk Management Standard V. Agrawal N/A
The Effect of Organisational Culture on Employee Security Behaviour: A Qualitative Study L. Connolly , M. Lang , J. Gathegi , J.d. Tygar N/A
The Design and Evaluation of an Interactive Social Engineering Training Programme E. Alkhamis , K. Renaud N/A
Why do People Adopt, or Reject, Smartphone Security Tools? K. Renaud , N. Alkaldi N/A
Understanding Information Security Compliance - Why Goal Setting and Rewards Might be a Bad Idea N. Gerber , R. Mcdermott , M. Volkamer , J. Vogt N/A
Comparing Student Password Knowledge and Behaviour: A Case Study D.t. Fredericks , L.a. Futcher , K. Thomson N/A
An Educators Perspective of Integrating Information Security into Undergraduate Computing Curricula L.a. Futcher , K. Thomson , L.g. Gomana N/A
The Information Security Awareness of Bank Employees M. Pattinson , M. Butavicius , K. Parsons , A. Mccormac , C. Jerram , D. Calic N/A
What Can Johnny Do? Factors in an End-User Expertise Instrument T. Kelley , P. Rajivan , P. Moriano , L.j. Camp N/A
Information Security Management in SMEs: Beyond the IT Challenges M. Sadok , P. Bednar N/A
Stakeholders’ Perspectives on Malleable Signatures in a Cloud-based eHealth Scenario A. Alaqra , S. Fischer- Hübner , J.s. Pettersson , E. Wästlund N/A
Towards an Interdisciplinary Cyberbullying Campaign J. Van Niekerk , K. Thomson N/A
A Systematic Gap Analysis of Social Engineering Defence Mechanisms Considering Social Psychology S. Pape , P. Schaab , K. Beckers N/A
Agile Changes of Security Landscape: A Human Factors and Security Investment View R. Alavi , S. Islam N/A
Supporting Decision Makers in Choosing Suitable Authentication Schemes M. Volkamer , P. Mayer , S. Neumann , D. Storck N/A
Memorable and Secure: How Do You Choose Your PIN? K. Renaud , M. Volkamer , A. Gutmann N/A
Towards the Usability Evaluation of Security APIs P.l. Gorkski , L.l. Iacono N/A
The Technological Evolution of Psychological Operations Throughout History F. Mouton , K. Pillay , M.c. Wout N/A
The Threats that Insiders Pose to Critical Infrastructure – a South African Perspective D. Heneke , J. Ophoff , A. Stander N/A