CyberForward 2016 Nov. 10, 2016 to Nov. 10, 2016, new york,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome and Overview Jane Leclair , Dave Chesebrough N/A
Introduction to Program Timothy Richardson N/A
Security Over the Horizon: the view from a research perspective Andrew Howard N/A
Innovation in Cyber: Government and Industry Collaboration Brad Medairy N/A
Effective Innovation: Identifying and Integrating Disruptive Technology Hugh Njemanze N/A
Venture Capital Perspective and Funding Approach Paul Conley N/A
Instrumented Security Chris Key N/A
Managed Security Services Scott Suhy N/A
The future of Security is in AI Greg Martin N/A
Cloud-based Network Security: how to address the workforce needs of the future Scott Chasin N/A
Internet of Things Security Chris Risley N/A
Securing your Mobile Device and its Associated Enterprise Software Kia Behnia N/A
Containerizing and Scaling Security Infrastructure: the intersection of network, development, and security Liam Randall N/A