SecureWorldDallas 2016 Sept. 27, 2016 to Sept. 28, 2016, dallas,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Advisory Council Kickoff Breakfast - Best Practices Mega Trends Arena - VIP / Invite Only Larry Ponemon N/A
SecureWorld Plus: Building a Successful Information Security Awareness Program (SecureWorld Plus Registrants ONLY) Dan Lohrmann N/A
SecureWorld Plus: Designing and Building a Cybersecurity Program Based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (SecureWorld Plus Registrants ONLY) Larry Wilson N/A
Advancing Your Career in a Dynamic Security Environment Jamey Cummings N/A
Privacy & Security Issues in Cloud Contracts Robert Scott N/A
OPENING KEYNOTE: The Cost and Consequences of the Insider Threat: What the Latest Ponemon Institute Research Reveals Larry Ponemon N/A
Between The Keyboard And The Chair - Cybersecurity's Secret Weapon George Finney N/A
Cybersecurity Legal Issues Business Leaders & IT Should Know Shawn E. Tuma N/A
Radware: Cyber War Chronicles - Stories From the Virtual Trenches Jing Nghik N/A
Trend Micro: Ransomware Jiu Jitsu: Attribution of Ransomware Actors for Fun and Intelligence Kyle Wilhoit N/A
LUNCH KEYNOTE: Radware The Current Economics of Cyber Attacks Ron Winward N/A
Keynote: Forsythe - Why Modern Approaches To Protecting Data Are Mission Critical John W. Pirc N/A
Business Email Compromise – FBI Current Threat Briefing Kathryn Sherman N/A
Cyber Risk Valuation: Show Me The Money! John B. Sapp N/A
Forsythe: Anatomy of a Breach: Why Encryption is Your Last Line of Defense John W. Pirc N/A
You Have Implemented Information Security Controls; Now What? Michael “drbearsec” Smith N/A
OPENING KEYNOTE: Cyber Intelligence Exchange: It’s Difficult, Possible, and Absolutely Necessary Paul Kurtz N/A
Analyzing Digital Evidence Chuck Easttom N/A
OpenDNS, Part of Cisco: How to Block Threats Before, During & After an Attack Atheana Fulgencio N/A
Understanding the Healthcare Sector Cybersecurity Framework Implementation Guide Bryan S. Cline N/A
LUNCH KEYNOTE: Trend Micro - The State of SCADA on the Internet Kyle Wilhoit N/A
Data Breach Digest - Scenarios from the Field Darren Windham N/A
Improving Security Processes Through Lean Thinking Amna Siddiqui N/A