Hakonindia 2016 Oct. 2, 2016 to Oct. 2, 2016, indore,india

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Speech Sadhana Ojha N/A
Anti Money Laundering or Black Money Act(Undisclosed Foreign Income & Assets) Shweta Ajmera N/A
Weak wireless connection module – Unpatched vulnerabilities in all iOS devices Reegun Richard J. N/A
Key Note Speaker Prashant Mali N/A
Dark Web Markets – What the mean for law enforcement and counter terrorism Chuck Easttom William N/A
SSD Forensics – Techno Legal Solutions Santosh Khadsare N/A
Insider Threat Landscape Niranjan P. Reddy N/A
KeyNote Speaker Triveni Singh N/A
Single Case Many Learning’s : What I learned from this Investigation Prince Boonlia N/A
Topic : Bypassing Antivirus Engines For Fun and Profit Vanshit Malhotra N/A