BsidesBoise 2016 Nov. 12, 2016 to Nov. 12, 2016, idaho,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Security Automation: How security at scale is destroying traditional security tools Trey Blalock N/A
Ransomware Reality : The Ugly Truth Ken Dunham N/A
Top 10 Mistakes in Active Directory That Can Lead to Being Compromised Adam Steed N/A
Secure Development: Network Protocol Fuzzing Joshua Pereyda N/A
The FalseCONNECT Syndrome Jerry Decime N/A
On the Importance of Thinking Differently Benjamin Donnelly N/A
Ratsnest: a tool for persistent, remote USB HID exploitation Jared Arave , Cale Smith N/A
A Day in the Life of a Pentester Robert Stewart N/A
RFID Hacking So Easy, Your Grandma's Grandma Can Do it Phillip Bosco N/A
Implementing Agile for Security Operations Joe Skeen N/A