BSidesSD 2017 Jan. 13, 2017 to Jan. 14, 2017, san diego,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Security as Code: The Time is Now Dave Shackleford N/A
Applying Data Science to Infosec Without a Ph.D Ken Westin N/A
Sucker Punches: Social Engineering Scams and Trends Erich Kron N/A
Social Tinder-neering with a twist of Kik: How to leverage Mobile Dating Apps to enhance your social engineering attack techniques. Alejandro Villegas , Julie Villegas N/A
Weaponizing Splunk: Using Blue Team Tools for Evil Ryan Hays N/A
So you want to beat the Red Team? Cameron Moore N/A
Sophisticuffs: The Rumble Over Adversary Sophistication Paul Jaramillo N/A
Lean Threat Intelligence: Detecting Intrusions and Combating Infiltrators with Open Source Software Lennart Koopmann N/A
Put up a CryptoWall and Locky the key Erich Kron N/A
Enterprise Ransomware: Making an Old Threat More Dangerous Chris Williams , Rollie Cunanan N/A
Exploiting Recruiters for a Better Job Search John Nixon , Panelists N/A
Cybersecurity Threat Analysis: Threat Pattern-Matching and Analysis Ron Campbell N/A
Detecting and Preventing The Adversary Michael Haag N/A
The Aftermath of a Fuzz Run: What to do about those crashes? David Moore N/A
SITCH: MITM Detection in GSM Networks Ash Wilson N/A
Top 10 Mistakes Made In Active Directory That Can Lead To Being Pwned Adam Steed N/A
Scalable Security Testing Anshuman Bhartiya N/A
Murder Mystery – Who is Killing your Information Security Program Gordon Mackay N/A
Whois Who? Mining Miscreant Registrant Records Kevin Bottomley N/A
Tales from the Crypt: A Cryptography Primer Adam Englander N/A