Hacktech 2017 Jan. 29, 2017 to Jan. 29, 2017, ahmedabad,india

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Evolution of Malware Ashok Banerjee , Himanshu Dubey N/A
Hacking & Securing iOS Apps Saurabh Mishra N/A
Implementing and governing machine learning using COBIT and ISO 27001 frameworks Vinoth . S N/A
FUD Cypter Rizwan Shaikh N/A
AntiVirus Bypassing For Fun & Profit Vanshit Malhotra N/A
Discussions and Debate Dinesh O Bareja , Rizwan Shaikh , Amar Prasad Reddy , Ashok Banerjee , Adv. Prashant Jhala N/A
Onionrensic Vismit Sudhir Rakhecha N/A
Ten ways to prevent Insider threats Niranjan P. Reddy N/A
Securing nginx server using fail2ban on Centos-7 Bhadreshsinh Gohil N/A
Cloud Forensics Investigation Pooja A. R N/A
RCE attack on the modern web Ahmed Raza N/A
Browser Security Dhiraj Mishra N/A