Waset 2017 Jan. 13, 2017 to Jan. 14, 2017, zurich,switzerland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
3D Medical Printing the Key Component in Future of Medical Applications Zahra Asgharpour , Eric Renteria , Sebastian De Boodt N/A
Non Enzymatic Electrochemical Sensing of Glucose Using Manganese Doped Nickel Oxide Nanoparticles Decorated Carbon Nanotubes Anju Joshi , C. N. Tharamani N/A
Improved Signal-To-Noise Ratio by the 3D-Functionalization of Fully Zwitterionic Surface Coatings Esther Van Andel , Stefanie C. Lange , Maarten Smulders , Han Zuilhof N/A
Two-Step Patterning of Microfluidic Structures in Paper by Laser Cutting and Wax Printing for Mass Fabrication of Biosensor Bong Keun Kang , Sung Suk Oh , Jeong-woo Sohn , Jong-ryul Choi , Young Ho Kim N/A
3D Printed Multi-Modal Phantom Using Computed Tomography and 3D X-Ray Images Jeong-woo Sohn , Jong-ryul Choi , Sung-suk Oh , Bong-keun Kang , Sang-wook Park , Hui-jin Joo , Seong-jun Lee N/A
Genetic Analysis of Some Characters in Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) A. B. El-mansy , E. I. Metwally , A. I. El-kassas , E. M. El-tantawy N/A
Comparative Evaluation of Osteopontin Expression in Oral Epithelial Dysplasia, Oral Submucous Fibrosis and Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma: An IHC Study Nasir A. Salati N/A
Same Sitting Bilateral Hip Replacement Advances and Disadvantages in Asian Populations Rajendra Kumar Kanojia N/A
Determinants of Consultation Time at a Family Medicine Center Ali Alshahrani , Adel Almaai , Saad Garni N/A
Relationship of Level of Knowledge on HIV/AIDS and Attitude towards People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) among Selected Philippine Institution 100 (PI 100) Students of the University of the Philippines John Angelo Labuguen , Sarah Joy Salvio N/A
Alcohol and Soda Consumption of University Students in Manila Alexi Lim , Inna Agoncillo , Quenniejoy T. Dizon , Jennifer Eti , Carlota Monares , Neil Rosales , Joshua F. Santillan , Alyssa Tanchuling , Josefina A. Tuazon , Mary Valera-kourdache N/A
Infectivity of Glossina pallidipes Salivary Gland Hypertrophy Virus (GpSGHV) to Various Tsetse Species Guler D. Uzel , Andrew G. Parker , Robert L. Mach , Adly Abd-alla N/A
Real-Time Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Assay for Rapid Detection of Human Papillomavirus 16 in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Suharni Mohamad , Nurul Hamzan , Norhayu Rahman , Siti Noor N/A
Game Space Program: Therapy for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Khodijah Salimah N/A
Implementing a Prevention Network for the Ortenaukreis Klaus Froehlich-gildhoff , Ullrich Boettinger , Katharina Rauh , Angela Schickler N/A
Interferon Stimulated Genes Effect on Hepatitis B Virus Replication Cycle: A Review Paniz Shirmast , Hessam Mirshahabi , Ehsan Arefian , Fakhri Haghi N/A
Pathogenicity, Morphology, and Characterization of Microsporidium majori sp. Nov. (Microsporidia: Nosematidae), Infecting the Red Seabream Snapper Pagrus major (Sparidae) in Egypt Kareem Morsy N/A
Community Engagement: Experience from the SIREN Study in Sub-Saharan Africa Arti Singh , Carolyn Jenkins , Oyedunni S. Arulogun , Mayowa O. Owolabi , Fred S. Sarfo , Bruce Ovbiagele , Enzinne Sylvia N/A
Molecular Mechanisms of Lipid Metabolism and Obesity Modulation by Caspase-1/11 and nlrp3 Inflammasome in Mice Lívia Dourado , Raquel Almeida , Luís Neto , Nayara Soares , Kelly Grace Magalhães N/A
Effect of Insulin versus Green Tea on the Parotid Gland of Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats H. El-messiry , M. El-zainy , D. Ghazy N/A
The Influence of Carbamazepine on the Activity of CYP3A4 in Patients with Alcoholism Mikhail S. Zastrozhin , Valery V. Smirnov , Dmitry A. Sychev , Ludmila M. Savchenko , Evgeny A. Bryun , Mark O. Nechaev N/A
CYP2D6*4 Allele Frequency and Extrapyramidal Side Effects during Haloperidol Therapy Among Russians and Tatars: A Pilot Study Irina S. Burashnikova , Dmitriy A. Sychev , Ruslan Y. Kazakov N/A
A Study of Effect of Yoga on Choice Visual Reaction Time of Soccer Players Vikram Singh , Parmod Kumar Sethi N/A
Investigation of the Effects of Aerobic Exercise Programs on Hematological Parameters of Sedentary People Sanjeev Kumar , Swati Choudhary N/A
Effects of Health- Related Physical Fitness Programmes on Academic Stress of Elite Varsity Students Sinku Kumar Singh N/A
Effects of Physical Fitness Training Programme on Lipid Profile in Sedentary Students Piyush Jain N/A
Dorsiflexor Muscle Oxygenation during Isometric Exercise Adkham Paiziev , Fikrat Kerimov , Martin Wolf N/A
Multimodal Integration of EEG, fMRI and Positron Emission Tomography Data Using Principal Component Analysis for Prognosis in Coma Patients Denis Jordan , Daniel Golkowski , Mathias Lukas , Katharina Merz , Caroline Mlynarcik , Max Maurer , Valentin Riedl , Stefan Foerster , Eberhard F. Kochs , Andreas Bender , Ruediger Ilg N/A
Effects of Dietary E on Semen, Hormonal Profile and Testicular Biometry in Teddy Goat Bucks Muhammad Zubair , Maqbool Ahmad , Al-hafizah Gul , Shujait Ali N/A
Effect of Z-VAD-FMK on in Vitro Viability of Dog Follicles Leda Pereira , Maria Denise Lopes , Nucharin Songsasen N/A
Seasonal Lambing in Crossbred of Katahdin Ewes in Tropical Regions of Chiapas, Mexico Juan C. Martínez-alfaro , Aracely Zúñiga , Fernando , Ruíz-zarate N/A
Biochemical Composition and Protein Profiles of Seminal Plasma and Their Correlation to Semen Quality in Endangered Veneto Rams N. S. Juyena , M. Mollah , C. Stelletta N/A
Quality of Ram Semen in Relation to Scrotal Biometry N. S. Juyena , M. M. Islam , S. Sharmin , M. Shah Newaz , M. M. Rahman , P. K. Jha , F. Y. Bari N/A
The Reproductive Parameters in Crossbred of Hair Sheep in Tropical Regions of Mexico Juan C. Martínez-alfaro , Aracely Zúñiga , Fernando , Ruíz-zarate N/A
Bioremediation of Phenol in Wastewater Using Polymer-Supported Bacteria Areej K. Al-jwaid , Dmitiry Berllio , Andrew Cundy , Irina Savina , Jonathan L. Caplin N/A
Resilience in the Face of Environmental Extremes through Networking and Resource Mobilization Abdullah Al Mohiuddin N/A
Analysis and Design of Offshore Met Mast Supported on Jacket Substructure Manu Manu , Pardha J. Saradhi , Ramana Murthy N/A
A Multi-Role Oriented Collaboration Platform for Distributed Disaster Reduction in China Linyao Qiu , Zhiqiang Du N/A
Effect of Humic Acids on Agricultural Soil Structure and Stability and Its Implication on Soil Quality Omkar Gaonkar , Indumathi Nambi , Suresh G. Kumar N/A
Multicultural Literature: A Tool to Enhance Business Students' Intercultural Communicative Competence Dorsaf Ben Malek N/A
Social Network Analyses to Increase Preparedness in the Context of Crises Characterized by Cascading Effects Antonio Lotito , Francesco Ruà , Giovanni Spoto , Malte Schonefeld , Alizee Vanderveken , Stefanie Hahm , Daniela Knuth , Louis Jallet , Ajinkya Chandrayan N/A
Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Army Soldiers on Prehospital Trauma Care in Matara District Hatharasinghe Chathaurika , Shreenika Weliange N/A
Evaluation of the Trauma System in a District Hospital Setting in Ireland Ahmeda Ali , Mary Codd , Susan Brundage N/A
Climate Change Impacts on Future Wheat Growing Areas Rasha Aljaryian , Lalit Kumar N/A
Isolation, Identification and Characterization of 1,2-Dichlorobenzene Degrading Bacteria from Consortium Ge Cui , Mei Fang Chien , Chihiro Inoue N/A
Modifiable Poly Methacrylic Acid-Co-Acrylonitrile Microgels Fabricated with Cu and Co Nanoparticles for Simultaneous Catalytic Reduction of Multiple Compounds Muhammad Ajmal , Muhammad Siddiq , Nurettin Sahiner N/A
Marine Environmental Monitoring Using an Open Source Autonomous Marine Surface Vehicle U. Pruthviraj , Praveen Athul , K. V. Gangadharan , S. Rao Shrikantha N/A
Learning Grammars for Detection of Disaster-Related Micro Events Josef Steinberger , Vanni Zavarella , Hristo Tanev N/A
A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Evaluation of Real-Time Disaster Relief Demand and Network Condition Ali Nadi , Ali Edrissi N/A
Biodegradation of Carbamazepine and Diclofenac by Bacterial Strain Labrys Portucalensis V. S. Bessa , I. S. Moreira , S. Murgolo , C. Piccirillo , G. Mascolo , P. Castro N/A
Functionalized Carbon-Base Fluorescent Nanoparticles for Emerging Contaminants Targeted Analysis Alexander Rodríguez-hernández , Arnulfo Rojas-perez , Liz Diaz-vazquez N/A
Effects of Convective Momentum Transport on the Cyclones Intensity: A Case Study José Moura , Chou Sin Chan N/A
Experimental Study on Using the Aluminum Sacrificial Anode as Cathodic Protection for Marine Structures A. Radwan , A. Elbatran , A. Mehanna , M. Shehadeh N/A
Numerical Simulation of the Flow around Wing-In-Ground Effect (WIG) Craft A. Radwan , A. Elbatran , Y. Ahmed , M. Ishak N/A
Calculation of the Induced Hydrodynamic Periodic Forces Due to Propeller-Hull Interaction Mohamed Bennaya , Moutaz Abo Elnour N/A
Amylase Activities of Mould Isolated from Spoilt Ogi and Eko: Two (2) Fermented Maize Products Gafar Bamigbade , Adebunkola Omemu N/A
From Name-Calling to Insidious Rhetoric: Construction and Evolution of the Transgender Imagery in News Discourse, 1953-2016 Hsiao-yung Wang N/A
On the Problems of Human Concept Learning within Terminological Systems Farshad Badie N/A
Metaphysical and Mystical Viewpoints of Roozbihan Baqli Shirazi on the Quran Seyed Hosseinizadeh N/A
From the Recursive Definition of Refutability to the Invalidity of Gödel’s 1931 Incompleteness Paola Cattabriga N/A
New Media and the Personal Vote in General Elections: A Comparison of Constituency Level Candidates in the United Kingdom and Japan Sean Vincent N/A
Critical Thinking in Translation: The Epistemic Approach Gabriella Valentino N/A
Detecting Geographically Dispersed Overlay Communities Using Community Networks Mahendra Piraveenan , Madhushi Bandara , Dharshana Kasthurirathna , Danaja Maldeniya N/A
How Parents Plan for the Future of Their Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Norsuhaily Abu Bakar N/A
Euthanasia with Reference to Defective Newborns: An Analysis Nibedita Priyadarsini N/A
Aristotle's Notion of Akratic Action through the Prism of Moral Psychology Manik Konch N/A
The Culture Heritage Sites and Tourism Potential in Hazara, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Muhammad Zubair , Zain Ulwahab N/A
The Sociolinguistics of the Memescape and Discourses of Political (De) Legitimization Damian J. Rivers N/A
An Efficiency Measurement of E-Government Performance for United Nation Ranking Index Yassine Jadi , Lin Jie , Y. Jadi , L. Jie N/A
Rethinking Urban Floodplain Management: The Case of Colombo, Sri Lanka Malani Herath , Sohan Wijesekera , Jagath Munasingha N/A
Effect of Ausubel's Advance Organizer Model to Enhancing Meta-Cognition of Students at Secondary Level Qaisara Parveen , M. Imran Yousuf N/A
The Impact of Political Satire on the Balance of Political Powers in Egypt: The Case of El-Bernameg in Egypt Sally Barsoum N/A
The Metaphysical Foundations of Kumarajiva's Philosophy Christian Thomas Kohl N/A
The Most Important Challenges of Unemployment and Education Problems in Egypt Mohamed El Khouli N/A
Promoting Intercultural Learning Strategies in Digital Environment: The Creation of a Dictionary in Four Languages Eric K. Agbessi , Pierre Mathieu , Annie Sinda N/A
Sustainable: An European Partnership to Create Collaboratively, Teach Locally, Share Globally and Act Sustainably Jose Peiro , Henk Moerman , Stefanie Reichelt , Thomas Sofias N/A
Financial Decision-Making among Finance Students: An Empirical Study from the Czech Republic Barbora Chmelíková N/A
Toward an Appropriate Index for Corporate Governance Bita Mashayekhi , Farzaneh Jalali , Alemeh Yazdanian N/A
Team Workforce Diversity and Team Outcomes: A Meta-Analytic Review Hyeondal Jeong , Yoonjung Baek N/A
Islamic Finance as a Catalyst for an Islamic Law Based Intellectual Property Model Nadia Naim N/A
The Determinants of the Assurance of Carbon Emission: An International Comparison Using Panel Data Girijasankar Mallik , Rina Dutt N/A
Idiosyncratic Lower Partial Moments and Risk Tolerances Girijasankar Mallik , Mohammadreza Tavakoli Bagdadabad N/A
Compromising Relevance for Elegance: A Danger of Dominant Growth Models for Backward Economies Givi Kupatadze N/A
Effects of Macroprudential Policies on BankLending and Risks Stefanie Behncke N/A
Mental Health of Childless Couples: A Psychosocial Study Digambar J. Darekar , Sharvari D. Darekar N/A
Strategy of Zakat Utilization for Productive Economic and Social Activity: (A Case Study at LAZIS YBW UII in Yogyakarta) Krisnanda N/A
Demographic Factors Influence on Awareness of Islamic Financing among Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Entrepreneurs in the North East Region of Nigeria Bashir Ahmad , Daneji , Hamidu Aminu , Ahmad , Aliyu Mukhtar , Haruna Mohammed N/A
Investigating the Effect of Mobile Technologies Dimensions upon Creativity of Kermanshah Polymer Petrochemical Company’s Employees Ghafor Ahmadi , Nader Bohloli Zynab N/A
The Phenomenon of Economic Wars Battering the World Ben Brahim Fadwa N/A
Testing the Weak Form Efficiency of Islamic Stock Market: Empirical Evidence from Indonesia Herjuno Bagus Wicaksono , Emma Almira Fauni , Salma Amelia Dina N/A
An Investigation on the Internal Quality Assurance System of Higher Education in Indonesia Andi Mursidi N/A
An Analysis of Institutional Audits: Basis for Teaching, Learning and Assessment Framework and Principles Nabil El Kadhi , Minerva M. Bunagan N/A
The Relationships among Learning Emotion, Major Satisfaction, Learning Flow, and Academic Achievement in Medical School Students S. J. Yune , S. Y. Lee , S. J. Im , B. S. Kam , S. Y. Baek N/A
Social Skills as a Significant Aspect of a Successful Start of Compulsory Education Eva Šmelová , Alena Berčíková N/A
The Negative Effects of Controlled Motivation on Mathematics Achievement John E. Boberg , Steven J. Bourgeois N/A
Online Escape Room for Intergenerational Play David Kaufman N/A
Factor Structure of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Loneliness Scale: Gender, Age, and Marital Status Differences Hamzeh Dodeen N/A
A Project Screening System for Energy Enterprise Based on Dempster-Shafer Theory Woosik Jang , Seung Heon Han , Seung Won Baek N/A
A Preliminary Study of the Subcontractor Evaluation System for the International Construction Market Woosik Jang , Hochan Seok , Seung-heon Han N/A
An Analysis of African Solutions to African Problems: Practical Effects of International Criminal Court Withdrawals in Favour of Regional Court Systems Jeanne-mari Retief N/A
The Examination of Withdrawn Behavior in Chinese Adolescents Zhidong Zhang , Zhi-chao Zhang , Georgiana Duarte N/A
Sleep Paralysis: Its Genesis and Qualitative Analysis of Case Histories Nandita Chaube , S. S. Nathawat N/A
Cultural Biases, Cognitive Dispositions and Conception of Marriage in Indian Families: Role of Urbanization Nandita Chaube , S. S. Nathawat , Shweta Jha N/A
Emergentist Metaphorical Creativity: Towards a Model of Analysing Metaphorical Creativity in Interactive Talk Afef Badri N/A
Ideology-Induced Contexts in the Conceptualization of 'the Islamic State' in Political Cartoons Rim Baroudi N/A
Creative Application of Cognitive Linguistics and Communicative Methods to Eliminate Common Learners' Mistakes in Academic Essay Writing Ekaterina Lukianchenko N/A
The Application of Cognitive Linguistics to Teaching EFL Students to Understand Spoken Coinages: Based on an Experiment with Speakers of Russian Ekaterina Lukianchenko N/A
Therapeutic Journey towards Self: Developing Positivity with Indications of Cluster B and C Personality Traits Nandita Chaube , Shweta Jha N/A
A Comparative Study between Behaviour Activation, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and Waiting List Control for Major Depressive Disorder Digambar J. Darekar , Shweta Jha , Krishna Kadam N/A
The Emotional Implication of the Phraseological Fund Applied in Cognitive Business Negotiation Kristine Dzagnidze N/A
Characteristics of Plasma Synthetic Jet Actuator in Repetitive Working Mode Haohua Zong , Marios Kotsonis N/A
Hypersonic Propulsion Requirements for Sustained Hypersonic Flight for Air Transportation James Rate , Apostolos Pesiridis N/A
Defect Modes in Multilayered Piezoelectric Structures D. G. Piliposyan N/A
Human Role in Uav Accidents and Application of Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) in the Analysis of Human Causal Factors Süleyman Yıldız N/A
Analysis of Aerodynamic Forces Acting on a Train Passing Through a Tornado Masahiro Suzuki , Nobuyuki Okura N/A
Model-Based Diagnostics of Multiple Tooth Cracks in Spur Gears Ahmed Saeed Mohamed , Sadok Sassi , Mohammad Roshun Paurobally N/A
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Rheological Characteristics of Ice Slurries Based on Propylene- and Ethylene-Glycol Senda Trabelsi , Sébastien Poncet , Michel Poirier N/A
Raman Tweezers Spectroscopy Study of Size Dependent Silver Nanoparticles Toxicity on Erythrocytes Surekha Barkur , Aseefhali Bankapur , Santhosh Chidangil N/A
Co-Registered Identification and Treatment of Skin Tumor with Optical Coherence Tomography-Guided Laser Therapy Bo-huei Huang , Chih-hsun Yang , Meng-tsan Tsai N/A
Approaching In vivo Dosimetry for Kilovoltage X-Ray Radiotherapy Rodolfo Alfonso , David Alonso , Albin Garcia , Jose Luis Alonso N/A
Development of a High Resolution Cavity Ring-Down Spectrometer Using a Cw External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser for Ultra-Sensitive Detection of Trace Molecules Gourab Dutta Banik , Manik Pradhan N/A
Wobbled Laser Beam Welding for Macro-to Micro-Fabrication Process Farzad Vakili-farahani , Joern Lungershausen , Kilian Wasmer N/A
The Stable Isotopic Composition of Pedogenic Carbonate in the Minusinsk Basin, South Siberia Jessica Vasil'chuk , Elena Ivanova , Pavel Krechetov , Vladimir Litvinsky , Nadine Budantseva , Julia Chizhova , Yurij Vasil'chuk N/A
Interdisciplinary Approach to Nuclear Education: Towards Sustainable Development Andrejs Dreimanis N/A
Investigation into Micro-Grids with Renewable Energy Sources for Use as High Reliability Electrical Power Supply in a Nuclear Facility Gerard R. Lekhema , Willie A Cronje , Ian Korir N/A
The Application of the Analytic Basis Function Expansion Triangular-z Nodal Method for Neutron Diffusion Calculation Kunpeng Wang , Hongchun , Wu , Liangzhi Cao , Chuanqi Zhao N/A
Spectral Characteristics of Fluorescence Probe in Polymer Matrices and Metal Free Room Temperature Phosphorescence Kiran Kumari N/A
Theory Led Discoveries in Ferrocene Conformation Feng Wang , Stephen Best , Shawkat Islam , Christopher Chantler N/A
Molecular Dynamics Study of Ferrocene in Low and Room Temperatures Feng Wang , Vladislav Vasilyev N/A
A Density Function Theory Based Comparative Study of Trans and Cis - Resveratrol Feng Wang , Subhojyoti Chatterjee , Peter J. Mahon N/A
Biocompatibility and Sensing Ability of Highly Luminescent Synthesized Core-Shell Quantum Dots Mohan Singh Mehata , R. K. Ratnesh N/A
Monodisperse Hallow Sandwich MOF for the Catalytic Oxidation of Benzene at Room Temperature Srinivasapriyan Vijayan N/A
Temperature Dependent Current-Voltage (I-V) Characteristics of CuO-ZnO Nanorods Based Heterojunction Solar Cells Venkatesan Annadurai , Kannan Ethirajalu , Anu Roshini Ramakrishnan N/A
Photochemical Behaviour of Carbamazepine in Natural Waters Fanny Desbiolles , Laure Malleret , Isabelle Laffont-schwob , Christophe Tiliacos , Anne Piram , Mohamed Sarakha , Pascal Wong-wah-chung N/A
Effect of Citric Acid on Hydrogen-Bond Interactions and Tensile Retention Properties of Citric Acid Modified Thermoplastic Starch Biocomposites Da-wei Wang , Liang Yang , Xuan-long Peng , Mei-chuan Kuo , Jen-taut Yeh N/A
Ultradrawing and Ultimate Tensile Properties of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene Composite Fibers Filled with Activated Nanocarbon Particles with Varying Specific Surface Areas Jen-taut Yeh , Wang-xi Fan , Yi Ding , Zhong-dan Tu , Kuo-shien Huang , Chao-ming Huang N/A
Development of Single Layer of WO3 on Large Spatial Resolution by Atomic Layer Deposition Technique S. Zhuiykov , Zh. Hai , H. Xu , C. Xue N/A
Challenges and Insights by Electrical Characterization of Large Area Graphene Layers Marcus Klein , Martina Grießbach , Richard Kupke N/A
Great Improvement of Photoelectric Property from Co-Sensitization of TiO2 Electrodes with CdS Quantum Dots and Dye N719 in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Jing Li , Shimin Wang , Binghai Dong , Li Zhao , Li Wan N/A
Extracting Actions with Improved Part of Speech Tagging for Social Networking Texts Yassine Jamoussi , Ameni Youssfi , Henda Ben Ghezala N/A
Challenges in Video Based Object Detection in Maritime Scenario Using Computer Vision Dilip K. Prasad , C. Krishna Prasath , Deepu Rajan , Lily Rachmawati , Eshan Rajabally , Chai Quek N/A
Modeling of Timing in a Cyber Conflict to Inform Critical Infrastructure Defense Brian Connett , Bryan O'halloran N/A
A Comparative Study of Approaches in User-Centred Health Information Retrieval Harsh Thakkar , Ganesh Iyer N/A
Modelling and Evaluation of Driver’s Compliance to Speed Advice in a Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems Environment Evangelos Mintsis , Eleni I. Vlahogianni , Josep Grau N/A
Particle Swarm Optimization for Optimizing Learning Parameters of Function Fitting Artificial Neural Network for Speech Signal Enhancement Omaima Al-allaf N/A
Increasing the Resilience of Cyber Physical Systems in Smart Grid Environments Using Dynamic Cells Max Mühlhäuser , Andrea Tundis , Carlos Garcia Cordero , Rolf Egert , Alfredo Garro N/A
Modeling Battery Degradation for Electric Buses: Assessment of Lifespan Reduction from In-Depot Charging Anaissia Franca , Julian Fernandez , Curran Crawford , Ned Djilali N/A
Secure Transmission Scheme in Device-to-Device Multicast Communications Bangwon Seo N/A
Hierarchical Operation Strategies for Grid Connected Building Microgrid with Energy Storage and Photovoltaic Source Seon-ho Yoon , Jin-young Choi , Dong-jun Won N/A
Properties of Magnesium-Based Hydrogen Storage Alloy Added with Palladium and Titanium Hydride Jun Ying Lin , Tzu Hsiang Yen , Cha'o Kuang Chen N/A
Design and Development of On-Line, On-Site, In-Situ Induction Motor Performance Analyser G. S. Ayyappan , Srinivas Kota , Jaffer Sheriff , C. Joshua N/A
Determination of the Optimal DG PV Interconnection Location Using Losses and Voltage Regulation as Assessment Indicators Case Study: ECG 33 kV Sub-Transmission Network Ekow A. Kwofie , Emmanuel K. Anto , Godfred Mensah N/A
Theoretical Framework for Value Creation in Project Oriented Companies Mariusz Hofman N/A
Green Manufacturing Practices in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of India: A Literature Review Prashant Sharma , G. D. Thakar , Mayank Dev Singh N/A
Simulation: A Tool for Stabilization of Welding Processes in Lean Production Concepts Ola Jon Mork , Lars Andre Giske , Emil Bjørlykhaug N/A
Improving Cleanability by Changing Fish Processing Equipment Design Lars Andre Giske , Ola J. Mork , Emil Bjoerlykhaug N/A
Cost Overruns in Mega Projects: Project Progress Prediction with Probabilistic Methods Yasaman Ashrafi , Stephen Kajewski , Annastiina Silvennoinen , Madhav Nepal N/A
Knowledge Loss Risk Assessment for Departing Employees: An Exploratory Study Muhammad Sumbal , Eric Tsui , Ricky Cheong , Eric See To N/A
Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Technologies in Road Construction Project Monitoring and Management: Case Study of a Project in Cyprus Yiannis Vacanas , Kyriacos Themistocleous , Athos Agapiou , Diofantos Hadjimitsis N/A
Project Management Agile Model Based on Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide Line Mehrzad Abdi Khalife , Iraj Mahdavi N/A
Development of the Optimal Quality Control and Productivity Management System for Design and Manufacturing Company: A Case Study Mudasir Kausar Mohammed , Chi Hieu Le N/A
Template Design Packages for Repetitive Construction Projects Ali Youniss Aidbaiss , G. Unnikrishnan , Anoob Hakim N/A
Cooperative Replenishment through Bidding Behzad Hezarkhani , Greys Sosic N/A
Cerebrovascular Modeling: A Vessel Network Approach for Fluid Distribution Karla E. Sanchez-cazares , Kim H. Parker , Jennifer H. Tweedy N/A
[Keynote Talk]: Mathematical and Numerical Modelling of the Cardiovascular System: Macroscale, Mesoscale and Microscale Applications Aymen Laadhari N/A
Place-Making Theory behind Claremont Court Sandra Costa-santos , Nadia Bertolino , Stephen Hicks , Vanessa May , Camilla Lewis N/A
A Study on Shavadoon Underground Living Space in Dezful and Shooshtar Cities, Southwest of Iran, as a Sample of Sustainable Vernacular Architecture Haniyeh Okhovat , Mahmood Hosseini , Omid Kaveh Ahangari , Mona Zaryoun N/A
Sustainability of Vernacular Architecture in Zegalli Houses in Northern Iran with Emphasis on Their Seismic Behavior Haniyeh Okhovat , Mahmood Hosseini , Mona Zaryoun , Seyed Khalkhali N/A