NDSS 2017 Feb. 26, 2017 to March 1, 2017, california,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote :Recount 2016: A Security Audit of the Presidential Election J. Alex Halderman N/A
Keynote - Securing the Ecosystem - Collaborating Inside and Out Trent Adams N/A
IO-DSSE: Scaling Dynamic Searchable Encryption to Millions of Indexes By Improving Locality Payman Mohassel , Ian Miers N/A
ObliviSync: Practical Oblivious File Backup and Synchronization Adam J. Aviv , Seung Geol Choi , Travis Mayberry , Daniel S. Roche N/A
TumbleBit: An Untrusted Bitcoin-Compatible Anonymous Payment Hub Foteini Baldimtsi , Sharon Goldberg , Alessandra Scafuro , Ethan Heilman , Leen Alshenibr N/A
P2P Mixing and Unlinkable Bitcoin Transactions Aniket Kate , Pedro Moreno-sanchez , Tim Ruffing N/A
SilentWhispers: Enforcing Security and Privacy in Decentralized Credit Networks Aniket Kate , Pedro Moreno-sanchez , Matteo Maffei , Giulio Malavolta N/A
DELTA: A Security Assessment Framework for Software-Defined Networks Phillip Porras , Vinod Yegneswaran , Chanhee Lee , Seungwon Shin , Changhoon Yoon , Seungsoo Lee N/A
PSI: Precise Security Instrumentation for Enterprise Networks Michael Collins , Srinivasan Seshan , Vyas Sekar , Seyed K. Fayaz , Tianlong Yu N/A
On the Safety and Efficiency of Virtual Firewall Elasticity Control Gail-joon Ahn , Ziming Zhao , Hongxin Hu , Wonkyu Han , Juan Deng , Hongda Li , Kuang-ching Wang N/A
Deconstructing Xen Nathan Dautenhahn , Haibo Chen , Haibing Guan , Yubin Xia , Binyu Zang , Lei Shi , Yuming Wu , Jinming Li N/A
Thou Shalt Not Depend on Me: Analysing the Use of Outdated JavaScript Libraries on the Web William Robertson , Engin Kirda , Christo Wilson , Tobias Lauinger , Sajjad Arshad , Abdelberi Chaabane N/A
Enabling Reconstruction of Attacks on Users via Efficient Browsing Snapshots Roberto Perdisci , Bo Li , Phani Vadrevu , Jienan Liu , Babak Rahbarinia , Kyu Hyung Lee N/A
(Cross-)Browser Fingerprinting via OS and Hardware Level Features Yinzhi Cao , Song Li , Erik Wijmans N/A
Fake Co-visitation Injection Attacks to Recommender Systems Neil Zhenqiang Gong , Guolei Yang , Ying Cai N/A
Broken Hearted: How To Attack ECG Biometrics Ivan Martinovic , Marta Kwiatkowska , Marc Roeschlin , Simon Eberz , Nicola Paoletti , Andrea Patané N/A
Towards Implicit Visual Memory-Based Authentication Claude Castelluccia , Markus Dürmuth , Maximilian Golla , Fatma Imamoglu N/A
KEH-Gait: Towards a Mobile Healthcare User Authentication System by Kinetic Energy Harvesting Wen Hu , Weitao Xu , Guohao Lan , Qi Lin , Sara Khalifa , Neil Bergmann , Mahbub Hassan N/A
A Large-scale Analysis of the Mnemonic Password Advice Stefan Lucks , Johannes Kiesel , Benno Stein N/A
Cracking Android Pattern Lock in Five Attempts Zheng Wang , Guixin Ye , Zhanyong Tang , Dingyi Fang , Xiaojiang Chen , Kwang In Kim , Ben Taylor N/A
Dial One for Scam: A Large-Scale Analysis of Technical Support Scams Nick Nikiforakis , Oleksii Starov , Najmeh Miramirkhani N/A
Automated Synthesis of Semantic Malware Signatures using Maximum Satisfiability Yu Feng , Osbert Bastani , Ruben Martins , Isil Dillig , Saswat Anand N/A
MaMaDroid: Detecting Android Malware by Building Markov Chains of Behavioral Models Emiliano de Cristofaro , Panagiotis Andriotis , Gianluca Stringhini , Lucky Onwuzurike , Enrico Mariconti , Gordon Ross N/A
A Broad View of the Ecosystem of Socially Engineered Exploit Documents Stevens Le Blond , David r. Choffnes , Cédric Gilbert , Utkarsh Upadhyay , Manuel Gomez Rodriguez N/A
Catching Worms, Trojan Horses and PUPs: Unsupervised Detection of Silent Delivery Campaigns Tudor Dumitras , Bum Jun Kwon , Virinchi Srinivas , Amol Deshpande N/A
Measuring small subgroup attacks against Diffie-Hellman J. Alex Halderman , Nadia Heninger , Joshua Fried , David Adrian , Shaanan Cohney , Luke Valenta , Antonio Sanso , Marcella Hastings N/A
Indiscreet Logs: Persistent Diffie-Hellman Backdoors in TLS Aleksander Essex , Kristen Dorey , Nicholas Chang-fong N/A
WireGuard: Next Generation Kernel Network Tunnel Jason A. Donenfeld N/A
The Security Impact of HTTPS Interception Elie Bursztein , J. Alex Halderman , Vern Paxson , Michael Bailey , Zakir Durumeric , Nick Sullivan , Drew Springall , Zane Ma , Richard Barnes N/A
Fast Actively Secure OT Extension for Short Secrets Arpita Patra , Pratik Guha Sarkar , Ajith Suresh N/A
Constant Round Maliciously Secure 2PC with Function-independent Preprocessing using LEGO Thomas Schneider , Jesper buus Nielsen , Roberto Trifiletti N/A
Pushing the Communication Barrier in Secure Computation using Lookup Tables Farinaz Koushanfar , Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Thomas Schneider , Michael Zohner , Shaza Zeitouni , Ghada Dessouky N/A
Using Fully Homomorphic Encryption for Statistical Analysis of Categorical, Ordinal and Numerical Data Jun Sakuma , Wen-jie Lu , Shohei Kawasaki N/A
Dark Hazard: Learning-based, Large-Scale Discovery of Hidden Sensitive Operations in Android Apps Xiaofeng Wang , Heng Yin , Yue Duan , Xueqiang Wang , Xiaorui Pan N/A
Show Me the Money! Finding Flawed Implementations of Third-party In-app Payment in Android Apps Dawu Gu , Wenbo Yang , Juanru Li , Yuanyuan Zhang , Hui Liu , Qing Wang , Yueheng Zhang N/A
WindowGuard: Systematic Protection of GUI Security in Android Peng Liu , Sencun Zhu , Chuangang Ren N/A
Obfuscation-Resilient Privacy Leak Detection for Mobile Apps Through Differential Analysis Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Yanick Fratantonio , Martina Lindorfer , Andrea Continella , Ali Zand , Alessandro Puccetti N/A
Automated Analysis of Privacy Requirements for Mobile Apps Steven M. Bellovin , Bin Liu , Norman Sadeh , Sebastian Zimmeck , Ziqi Wang , Lieyong Zou , Roger Iyengar , Florian Shaub , Shomir Wilson , Joel Reidenberg N/A
Dachshund: Digging for and Securing (Non-)Blinded Constants in JIT Code Michael Backes , Christian Rossow , Giorgi Maisuradze N/A
Safelnit: Comprehensive and Practical Mitigation of Uninitialized Read Vulnerabilities Cristiano Giuffrida , Alyssa Milburn , Herber Bos N/A
MARX: Uncovering Class Hierarchies in C++ Programs Thorsten Holz , Herbert Bos , Elias Athanasopoulos , Victor Veen , Cristiano Giuffrida , Moritz Contag , Andre Pawlowski , Chris Ouwehand N/A
PT-Rand: Practical Mitigation of Data-only Attacks against Page Tables Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Christopher Liebchen , Lucas Davi , David Gens N/A
Dynamic Virtual Address Range Adjustment for Intra-Level Privilege Separation on ARM Yunheung Paek , Yeongpil Cho , Donghyun Kwon , Hayoon Yi N/A
Hello from the Other Side: SSH over Robust Cache Covert Channels in the Cloud Clémentine Maurice , Daniel Gruss , Stefan Mangard , Michael Schwarz , Manuel Weber , Lukas Giner , Carlo Alberto Boano , Kay Römer N/A
Dynamic Differential Location Privacy with Personalized Error Bounds Calton Pu , Ling Liu , Lei Yu N/A
Are We There Yet? On RPKI's Deployment and Security Amir Herzberg , Haya Shulman , Yossi Gilad , Michael Schapira , Avichai Cohen N/A
TenantGuard: Scalable Runtime Verification of Cloud-Wide VM-Level Network Isolation Mourad Debbabi , Lingyu Wang , Yushun Wang , Taous Madi , Suryadipta Majumdar , Yosr Jarraya , Amir Alimohammadifar , Makan Pourzandi N/A
Dissecting Tor Bridges: A Security Evaluation of their Private and Public Infrastructures Carmela Troncoso , Juan Caballero , Srdjan Matic N/A
The Effect of DNS on Tor's Anonymity Nick Feamster , Philipp Winter , Benjamin Greschbach , Tobias Pulls , Laura M. Roberts N/A
Avoding The Man on the Wire: Improving Tor's Security with Trust-Aware Path Selection Paul Syverson , Aaron Johnson , Joan Feigenbaum , Rob Jansen , Aaron D. Jaggard N/A
SGX-Shield: Enabling Address Space Layout Randomization for SGX Programs Taesoo Kim , Byoungyoung Lee , Dongsu Han , Ming-wei Shih , Seongmin Kim , Jaebaek Seo , Insik Shin N/A
T-SGX: Eradicating Controlled-Channel Attacks Against Enclave Programs Taesoo Kim , Marcus Peinado , Sangho Lee , Ming-wei-shih N/A
BOOMERANG: Exploiting the Semantic Gap in Trusted Execution Environments Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Eric Gustafson , Ruoyu Wang , Antonio Bianchi , Yung Ryn Choe , Chad Spensky , Nick Stephens , Christopher Salls , Aravind Machiry N/A
HOP: Hardware makes Obfuscation Practical Elaine Shi , Ling Ren , Kartik Nayak , Christopher W. Fletcher , Nishanth Chandran , Satya Lokam , Vipal Goyal N/A
Panoply: Low-TCB Linux Applications With SGX Enclaves Prateek Saxena , Shruti Tople , Shweta Shinde , Dat Le Tien N/A
Hey, My Malware Knows Physics! Attacking PLCs with Physical Model Aware Rootkit Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Saman A. Zonouz , Luis Garcia , Ferdinand Brasser , Mehmet H. Cintuglu , Osama Mohammed N/A
ContexloT: Towards Providing Contextual Integrity to Appified IoT Platforms Atul Prakash , Z. Morley Mao , Amir Rahmati , Qi Alfred Chen , Earlence Fernandes , Yunhan Jack Jia , Shiqi Wang N/A
FBS-Radar: Uncovering Fake Base Stations at Scale in the Wild Weiwei Wang , Jian Chen , Taeho Jung , Lan Zhang , Kebin Liu , Chen Qian , Zhenhua Li , Xiangyang Li , Yunhao Liu , Christo Wilson N/A
Internet-scale Probing of CPS: Inference, Characterization and Orchestration Analysis Mustaque Ahamad , Nasir Memon , Elias Bou-harb , Claude Fachkha , Anastasis Keliris N/A
Wi-Fly?: Detecting Privacy Invasion Attacks by Consumer Drones Ivan Martinovic , Simon Birnbach , Richard Baker N/A
ASLR^Cache: Practical Cache Attacks on the MMU Cristiano Giuffrida , Kaveh Razavi , Erik Bosman , Ben Gras , Herbert Box N/A
Unleashing Use-Before-Initialization Vulnerabilities in the Linux Kernel Using Targeted Stack Spraying Wenke Lee , Michael Backes , Stefan Nurnberger , Kangjie Lu , David Pfaff , Marie-therese Walter N/A
Address Oblivious Code Reuse: On the Effectiveness of Leakage Resilient Diversity Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Christopher Liebchen , Lucas Davi , Stephen Crane , Hamed Okhravi , Per Larsen , Michael Franz , Robert Rudd , Richard Skowyra , David Bigelow , Veer Dedhia , Thomas Hobson N/A
An Evil Copy: How the Loader Betrays You Mathias Payer , Trent Jaeger , Xinyang Ge N/A
Stack Object Protection with Low Fat Pointers Lorenzo Cavallaro , Roland H.c. Yap , Gregory J. Duck N/A
VUzzer: Application-aware Evolutionary Fuzzing Herbert Bos , Sanjay Rawat , Cristiano Giuffrida , Lucian Cojocar , Vivek Jain , Ashish Kumar N/A
Self Destructing Exploit Executions via Input Perturbation Dongyan Xu , Xiangyu Zhang , Brendan Saltaformaggio , Yonghwi Kwon , Kyu Hyung Lee , I Luk Kim N/A
A Call to ARMs: Understanding the Costs and Benefits of JIT Spraying Mitigations Hovav Shacham , Stefan Savage , Wilson Lian N/A