Cyphercon 2017 March 30, 2017 to March 31, 2017, milwaukee,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
KEYNOTE: STEHM is the new STEM David healwhans Schwartzberg N/A
Beyond the Fringe: Anomalies of Consciousness, Experience, and Scientific Research Richard Thieme N/A
Cluster Cracking Passwords & MDXfind Robert Reif N/A
A Look Behind the Scenes of DEFCON DarkNet Ed Abrams (zeroaltitude) , Demetrius Comes (cmdc0de) N/A
Democrats and Republicans Agree: Our Cybersecurity Stinks Jonathan Lampe N/A
Modern Evasion Techniques Jason Lang N/A
Let’s Get Physical Doug Rogahn N/A
JavasCrypto: How we are using browsers as Cryptographic Engines Kat Traxler N/A
Can Cryptography Frustrate Fascism? Phillip Rogaway N/A
Threat Intelligence 101: Basics without Buzzwords M4n_in_bl4ck N/A
Explore Wisconsin Hacker History Brad Swanson N/A
Brain Based Authentication Melanie Segado , Sydney Swaine-simon N/A
The Upside Down: Going from NetSec to AppSec Cody Florek N/A
Tracking/Monitoring WiFi devices without being connected to any network Caleb Madrigal N/A
wCTF Eric Escobar N/A
KEYNOTE: The History of Video Game Console Hacking Dan Loosen N/A
Protecting Passwords with Oblivious Cryptography Adam Everspaugh N/A
Forensic Deconstruction of Databases through Direct Storage Carving Alexander Rasin N/A
WordPress polyfills for PHP John Jacoby N/A
Espionage & Soviet MiGs Dave Roebke N/A
Naked and Vulnerable: A Cybersecurity Starter Kit Shannon Fritz N/A
Wasn’t DLP supposed to fix this? Amit Riswadkar N/A
IoT Security Privacy Weaknesses & Ransomware Rick Ramgattie N/A
Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning: “Real” Use Cases for IT/Security Professionals John Platais N/A
From zero to Bender in 12 months, how a software guy turned hardware Zapp N/A