SREasia 2017 May 22, 2017 to May 24, 2017, waterfront hotel,singapore

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
LinkedIn SRE: From Inception to Global Scale Bruno Connelly , Viji Nair N/A
Next Generation of DevOps: AIOps in Practice @Baidu Xianping Qu , Jingjing Ha N/A
How Could Small Teams Get Ready for SRE Zehua Liu N/A
Monitoring at Dropbox Krishelle Hardson-hurley N/A
Focal Impact: The Service Pyramid Michael Elkin N/A
Smart Monitoring System for Anomaly Detection on Business Trends in Alibaba Zhaogang Wang N/A
Graphite@Scale or How to Store Millions of Metrics per Second Vladimir Smirnov N/A
Components of a Dropbox Consistency Checker David Mah N/A
Managing Server Secrets at Scale with a Vaultless Password Manager Ignat Korchagin N/A
Open-Falcon: A Distributed and High-Performance Monitoring System Yao-wei Ou , Wei Lai N/A
Talking to an OpenStack Cluster in Plain English Wei Xu N/A
Managing Critical State: Distributed Consensus for Reliability Laura Nolan N/A
A Scheduling Framework For Large-Scale Based on Ansible Aizhen Chen N/A
Draining the Flood—A Combat against Alert Fatigue Yu Chen N/A
Good, Better, Best, Mobile User Experience Fred Wu N/A
Reliable Launches at Scale Sebastian Kirsch N/A
Didi: How to Provide a Reliable Ridesharing Service Lin Tan , Ming Hua N/A
Measuring the Success of Incident Management at Atlassian Gerry Millar N/A
Managing Changes Seamlessly on Yahoo's Hadoop Infrastructure Servers Vineeth Vadrevu N/A
Event Correlation: A Fresh Approach towards Reducing MTTR Renjith Rajan , Rajneesh N/A
Automated Troubleshooting of Live Site Issues Sriram Srinivasan N/A
"A Unit Test Would Have Caught This:" Small, Cheap, and Effective Testing for Production Engineers Andrew Ryan N/A
Testing for DR Failover Testing Zehua Liu N/A
Accept Partial Failures, Minimize Service Loss Daxin Wang N/A
Azure SREBot: More than a Chatbot—an Intelligent Bot to Crush Mitigation Time Cezar Guimaraes N/A
Grouper: A Decentralized, Audited Authorization Service Luke Faraone N/A
Canary in the Internet Mine Brook Shelley N/A
InnoDB to MyRocks Migration in Main MySQL Database at Facebook Yoshinori Matsunobu N/A
Golang's Garbage Andrey Sibiryov , Uber N/A
Capacity Planning and Full-link Pressure Test Jun Zhang , Jiajiang Lin N/A
Managing Capacity in a Highly Dynamic Data Ingestion Pipeline Anuprita Harkare N/A
Distributed Scheduler Hell Matthew Campbell N/A
SRE Your gRPC—Building Reliable Distributed Systems (Illustrated with gRPC) Grainne Sheerin , Gabe Krabbe N/A
Operationalizing DevOps Teaching John Contad , Matt Witherow N/A