srecon 2017 Aug. 30, 2017 to Aug. 7, 2017, dublin,ireland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Care and Feeding of SRE Narayan Desai N/A
Diversity and Inclusion in SRE: A Postmortem Niall Richard Murphy N/A
Globalizing SRE in a Walkup Culture Bill Lincoln , Wayfair , Matt Coleman N/A
Make Haste Slowly: Balancing SRE Diligence in Urgency Driven Organizations Jason Hiltz-laforge N/A
Want to Solve Over-Monitoring and Alert Fatigue? Create the Right Incentives! Kishore Jalleda N/A
SRE Your gRPC—Building Reliable Distributed Systems (Illustrated with GRPC) Grainne Sheerin , Gabe Krabbe N/A
Profiling Node Applications Sasha Goldshtein N/A
Load-Shedding: Overview of Different Methodologies Acacio Cruz N/A
Managing SSH Access without Managing SSH Keys Niall Sheridan N/A
SRE 101 Laura Nolan N/A
The Dangers of Being Overly-Paranoid Ingrid Epure N/A
Show Me the RIGHT Numbers! Are Our Users Happy? Perry Statham N/A
Standing On the Shoulders of Giants: Unleashing the Power of Scriptable Load Balancers Emil Stolarsky N/A
InStream: Large Scale Distribution using BitTorrent, Python, Salt, and Kafka Harsh Sharma N/A
Networks for SREs: What Do I Need to Know for Troubleshooting Applications Michael Kehoe N/A
Anycast Is Not Load Balancing Murali Suriar N/A
Mastering Linux Performance Tools Sasha Goldshtein N/A
SRE Your gRPC—Building Reliable Distributed Systems (Workshop) Grainne Sheerin , Gabe Krabbe , Lisa Carey N/A
Use Load Testing to Build a Proper Mental Model of Your Service John Looney N/A
Traffic Steering using Rum DNS @ LinkedIn Abhijeet Rastogi N/A
Capturing and Analyzing Millions of Queries without Any Overhead Karthik Appigatla , Basavaiah Thambara N/A
OK Log: Distributed and Coördination-Free Logging Peter Bourgon N/A
Bots Are Fast, Humans Are Smarter—Eliminate Unwanted Traffic and Defend Against DDoS Felix Glaser N/A
Google SDN Peering: An Early Engagement Case Study Murali Suriar N/A
How We Try to Make a Lion Bulletproof; Setting Up SRE in a Global Financial Organization Janna Brummel , Robin Van Zijll N/A
From Firefighting to Proactive Work: the Journey of a Small Infrastructure Team in a Hyper Growth Environment Alex Gerlic N/A
Incident Command at the Edge Lisa Phillips N/A
Resiliency Testing with Toxiproxy Jake Pittis N/A
Deploying Changes to Production in the Age of the Microservice Samantha Schaevitz N/A
Application Automation with Habitat Mandi Walls N/A
Distributed Systems Reasoning Theo Schlossnagle , John Looney , Intercom N/A
Tech Writing 101 for SREs Lisa Carey , Betsy Beyer N/A
Building a Culture of Reliability Arup Chakrabarti N/A
Tech Leadership in SRE Sean Rees N/A
Case Study: Lessons Learned from Our First Worldwide Outage Yoav Cohen , Imperva Incapsula N/A
When Trouble Comes to Town Michael Gorven N/A
One Ring to Rule them... John Tobin N/A
Dancing with Squads—Do you know what your Code Repos are Telling You? Don Cronin , Rob Orr N/A
Building an SRE Capability Inside a Large Organization Sriram Gollapalli N/A
The Why, What, and How of Starting an SRE Engagement Richard Clawson , Josh Gilliland N/A
Cognitive Bias and On-Call Niall Richard Murphy N/A
Reducing MTTR and False Escalations: Event Correlation at Linkedin Michael Kehoe N/A
The Never-Ending Story of Site Reliability Kurt Andersen N/A
Release Engineering Best Practices at Google - the SRE Perspective Dinah Mcnutt N/A
Automated Debugging of Bad Deployments Joe Gordon N/A
Debugging at Scale—Going from Single Box to Production Kumar Srinivasamurthy N/A
The History of How We Came to Be Niall Richard Murphy N/A
Hiring SREs May Be Literally Impossible Chris Sinjakli N/A
Gamifying Reliability Excellence—The Service Score Card Daniel Lawrence N/A
Incident Management and Chatops at Shopify Daniella Niyonkuru N/A
Fast and Safe Production Monitoring of JVM Applications with BPF Magic Sasha Goldshtein N/A
Linux System Metrics Nati Cohen , Avishai Ish-shalom N/A
What the Star Wars prequels taught me about being an SRE Fran Garcia N/A
6 Ways a Culture of Communication Strengthens Your Team’s Resiliency Jaime Woo N/A
Dynamic Documentation in 5 minutes Daniel Lawrence N/A
Managing pipelines Rita Hansen N/A
Resource management and isolation, the non-shiny way Luiz Viana N/A
Collecting metrics with Snap - the open telemetry framework Guy Fighel N/A
Decentralized Data Jason Koppe N/A
Tech Writing: How a Writer Can Make Your Life Easier, and Your Work Have More Impact! Betsy Beyer N/A
Psychological Safety in SRE Teams John Looney N/A
Building an On-Premise Kubernetes Cluster For a Large Web Application Daniel Turner N/A
Distributed Systems, Like It or Not Theo Schlossnagle N/A
Avoiding and Breaking Out of Capacity Prison Jake Welch N/A
The EU's New Data Protection Law - a Survival Guide John Looney , Simon Mcgarr N/A
Statistics for Engineers Heinrich Hartmann N/A
Service with an Angry Smile: Passive-Aggressive Behavior in SRE Lauri Apple N/A
The Cult(Ure) of Strength Emily Gorcenski N/A
Run Less Software; Use Less Bits Rich Archbold N/A
Monitoring Cloudflare's Planet-Scale Edge Network Matt Bostock N/A
Monitoring Design Principles Theo Schlossnagle N/A
And the CFO Wept: AWS Cost Control Corey Quinn N/A
CRE: Expanding SRE to inside Your Customer's Organisation Stephen Thorne N/A
Panel: AMA for New SREs Grainne Sheerin , Murali Suriar , John Looney , Chris Sinjakli , Ola Klapcinska N/A
Being an Effective Ally to LGBTQ+, Non-Binary, Women, and Poc in the Tech Industry Chris Stankaitis N/A
Have You Tried Turning It off and Turning It on Again? Tanya Reilly N/A
100 Teams, 100 Ways to Fail John Keiser , Microsoft Azure , Ben Broderick Phillips N/A
Persistent SRE Antipatterns: Pitfalls On the Road to Creating a Successful SRE Program Like Netflix and Google Jonah Horowitz , Stripe , Blake Bisset N/A