waset 2017 Sept. 4, 2017 to Sept. 5, 2017, prague,czechia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Political Parties and Support for Democratic Transition in Egypt after the Revolution Hanan Abu Sekin N/A
Noise Pollution and Occupational Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in a Refinery Majid Bayatian , Mohammadreza Ashouri N/A
Investigation of Fatalities and Injuries in Building Fire Statistics in Tehran during 2002–2012 Majid Bayatian , Mohammadreza Ashouri N/A
The Effectiveness Of Civil Engineering Industrial Training In Supervisors’ Perspectives: A Case Study Of University Malaysia Sabah Salinah Dullah , Adriana Erica Amaludin , Lim Chung Han N/A
The Determination of the Sport's Influence on the Perception of a Country from the Point of the View of the Public Diplomacy Velittin Balci , Yasemin Gök N/A
Social Problems and Gender Wage Gap Faced by Working Women in Readymade Garment Sector of Pakistan Narjis Kahtoon N/A
Spatial Poetic Text throughout Al-Qasim's Poetry Khaled Igbaria , Saleem Abu Jaber N/A
Spacial Poetic Text throughout Al-Qasim's Poetry Khaled Igbaria , Saleem Abu Jaber N/A
An Analysis of the Correlation Coefficient of the Factors Involved in Local Content Sadegh Abedi N/A
A Comparison of Expressed Levels of Trust in Poland and Western Europe Based on Experimental Results David Ramsey , Urszula Markowska-przybyla N/A
Jurisdictional Issues in E-Commerce Law after the 'Recast Brussels Regulation Seyedeh Sajedeh Salehi N/A
Identifying Barriers to Post-Intervention Change in Patients with Chronic Pain: Classification of Observed Behavioural Patterns into Hopeful, Helpless, Hyperaroused, and Holding onto Childhood, and Tr Paul D. Knight , Corinne Reid , Helen Davis N/A
Emotion Suppression and Moral Judgment Andrei Holman , Simona Popusoi , Emilia Girba N/A
Evaluation of Altruistic Behavior in Public Health among Koreans Using Hamilton's Law Sangyoon Lee N/A
A Model of Empowerment Evaluation of Knowledge Management in Private Banks Using Fuzzy Inference System Kamyar Mahmoodi , Nazanin Pilevari N/A
Job Shop Manufacturing Planning, Design with Virtual Reality Mohammed Alayat N/A
Sustainability in Public Budget: Evidence from Iran Farzaneh Jalali Aliabadi , Graham Gal N/A
Aero-Acoustic Experimental and Numerical Simulation Study of a Nozzle and Noise Reduction Methods Using Different Type of Chevrons Grigore Cican , Marius Deaconu , Adrian Gruzea N/A
Influence of Conjugated Linoleic Acid on Hormones of Axis of Female Reproduction System Involved in Ovulation Process Hamidreza Khodaei , Ali Daryabeigi Zand N/A
Structural Investigation of the GAF Domain Protein BPSL2418 from Burkholderia pseudomallei Mona G. Alharbi N/A
A Simple and Easy-To-Use Tool for Detecting Outer Contour of Leukocytes Based on Image Processing Techniques Retno Supriyanti , Best Leader Nababan , Yogi Ramadhani , Wahyu Siswandari N/A
Methodology for Obtaining Static Alignment Model Lely A. Luengas , Pedro R. Vizcaya , Giovanni Sánchez N/A
Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation and Comparison of Flow through Mechanical Heart Valve Using Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluid D. Šedivý , S. Fialová N/A
Rule-Of-Mixtures: Predicting the Bending Modulus of Unidirectional Fiber Reinforced Dental Composites Niloofar Bahramian , Mohammad Atai , Mohammad Reza Naimi-jamal N/A
Analysis of Bio-Oil Produced by Pyrolysis of Coconut Shell D. S. Fardhyanti , A. Damayanti N/A
Sulfide Removal from Liquid Using Biofilm on Packed Bed of Salak Fruit Seeds Retno Lestari , Wahyudi Budi Sediawan , Sarto Sarto N/A
Study on the Carboxymethylation of Glucomannan from Porang Fadilah Fadilah , Sperisa Distantina , Santi T. Wijayanti , Rahmawati Andayani N/A
An Investigation of Anticancer Fluorinated Aza-Heterocycles Darya O. Prima , Elena V. Vorontsova , Yuri G. Slizhov , Andrey V. Zibarev N/A
Mass Transfer of Paracetamol from the Crosslinked Carrageenan-Polyvinyl Alcohol Film Fadilah Fadilah , Sperisa Distantina , Rieke Ulfha Noviyanti , Sri Sutriyani , Mujtahid Kaavessina N/A
Synthesis and Photophysical Studies of BOPIDY Dyes Conjugated with 4-Benzyloxystyryl Substituents Bokolombe Pitchou Ngoy , John Mack , Tebello Nyokong N/A
In situ One-Step Synthesis of Graphene Quantum Dots-Metal Free and Zinc Phthalocyanines Conjugates: Investigation of Photophysicochemical Properties G. Fomo , O. J. Achadu , T. Nyokong N/A
New Fluorescent Dye for Immunostaining Esra Maltas Cagil , Mustafa Ozmen , Halil I. Ucan N/A
Analyzing the Performance Properties of Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer Modified with Recycled Crumb Rubber Seyed Mohammad Asgharzadeh , Moein Biglari N/A
Formal Model and Criteria Ontology for Knowledge Base Evaluation Philippe Martin N/A
Vulnerabilities In Modern Cryptography John Stickle N/A
The Effects of Plantation Size and Internal Transport on Energy Efficiency of Biofuel Production Olga Orynycz , Andrzej Wasiak N/A
Developing Local Wisdom to Integrate Etnobiology and Biodiversity Conservation in Mount Ungaran, Central Java Indonesia Margareta Rahayuningsih , Nur Rahayu Utami , Tsabit A. M. , Muh. Abdullah N/A
The Influence of Sulfate and Magnesium Ions on the Growth Kinetics of CaCO3 Kotbia Labiod , Mohamed Mouldi Tlili N/A
Towards an Environmental Knowledge System in Water Management Mareike Dornhoefer , Madjid Fathi N/A
Removal of Samarium in Environmental Water Samples by Modified Yeast Cells Homayon Ahmad Panahi , Seyed Nejad , Elham Moniri N/A
Lanthanum Removal in Environmental Water Samples by Modified Yeast Cells Containing Cibacron Blue Homayon Ahmad Panahi , Seyed Nejad N/A
Synthesis of Balanced 3-RRR Planar Parallel Manipulators Arakelian Vigen , Geng Jing , Le Baron Jean-paul N/A
Rating the Importance of Customer Requirements for Green Product by Using Analytic Hierarchy Process Methodology Lara Horani , Shurong Tong N/A
The Effect of Tool Path Strategy on Surface and Dimension in High Speed Milling A. Razavykia , A. Esmaeilzadeh , S. Iranmanesh N/A
Influence of Boron and Germanium Doping on Physical-Mechanical Properties of Monocrystalline Silicon Ia Kurashvili , Giorgi Darsavelidze , Giorgi Chubinidze , Marina Kadaria N/A
The Actuation of Semicrystalline Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride) Tie Molecules: A Computational and Experimental Study Abas Mohsenzadeh , Tariq Bashir , Waseen Tahir , Ulf Stigh , Mikael Skrifvars , Kim Bolton N/A
Polarization of Glass with Positive and Negative Charge Carriers Valentina V. Zhurikhina , Mihail I. Petrov , Alexandra A. Rtischeva , Mark Dussauze , Thierry Cardinal , Andrey A. Lipovskii N/A
Controllable Modification of Glass-Crystal Composites with Ion-Exchange Technique Valentina V. Zhurikhina , Andrey A. Lipovskii , Alexey V. Redkov , Vyacheslav V. Rusan , Dmitry K. Tagantsev N/A
A Simple Chemical Approach to Regenerating Strength of Thermally Recycled Glass Fibre Liu Yang , Sairah Bashir , John Liggat , James Thomason N/A
Generalized Rough Sets Applied to Graphs Related on Urban Problems Mihai Rebenciuc , Simona Mihaela Bibic N/A
The Postoperative Analgesic Effect of Morphine and Paracetamol in the Patients Undergoing Laparotomy, Using PCA Method Siamak Yaghoubi , Reza Pourfallah , Ameneh Barikani , Hamid Kayalha N/A
Assessment of Lactic Acid Bacteria of Probiotic Potentials in Dairy Produce in Saudi Arabia Rashad R. Al-hindi N/A
Evaluation of a Potential Metabolism-Mediated Drug-Drug Interaction between Carvedilol and Fluvoxamine in Rats Ana-maria Gheldiu , Bianca M. Abrudan , Maria A. Neag , Laurian Vlase , Dana M. Muntean N/A
Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity of Phenolic Compounds Extracted from Jordanian Juglans regia L. Hamoud Alshammari , Adnan Almezani , Hamdan Alshammari , Faris Alharbi N/A
The Impact of Protein Content on Athletes' Body Composition G. Vici , L. Cesanelli , L. Belli , R. Ceci , V. Polzonetti N/A
Determining Moment-Curvature Relationship of Reinforced Concrete Rectangular Shear Walls Gokhan Dok , Hakan Ozturk , Aydin Demir N/A
Corridor Densification Option as a Means for Restructuring South African Cities T. Niekerk , J. Viviers , E. J. Cilliers N/A
Experimental and Analytical Study to Investigate the Effect of Tension Reinforcement on Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Short Beams Hakan Ozturk , Aydin Demir , Kemal Edip , Marta Stojmanovska , Julijana Bojadjieva N/A
Triplet Shear Tests on Retrofitted Brickwork Masonry Walls Berna Istegun , Erkan Celebi N/A
Modeling of Foundation-Soil Interaction Problem by Using Reduced Soil Shear Modulus Yesim Tumsek , Erkan Celebi N/A
The Influence of Travel Experience within Perceived Public Transport Quality Armando Cartenì , Ilaria Henke N/A