bsidesdfw 2017 Nov. 4, 2017 to Nov. 4, 2017, dallas,usa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Long Con - Lessons From Early 20th Century Con Artists For Modern Hackers Wesley Mcgrew N/A
Designing, Fabricating, and Building an Electronic Badge Jim Apger N/A
cookie theft and reuse via cookie sheet and GNAWS Integgroll N/A
Pulling back the hood(ie): What do security threats look like? Austin Mcbride N/A
Lesser-Known Application Vulnerabilities Kevin Cody N/A
tracking People for Fun and Profit Marcus N/A
Return From The Underworld - The Future Of Red Team Kerberos Mitchell Hennigan , Jim Shaver N/A
Love is in the Air - DFIR and IDS for WiFi Networks * Lennart Koopmann N/A
Abusing Protocols for Dynamic Addressing in Space Jacen N/A
Facilitating Fluffy Forensics 3.0 Andrew Hay N/A
Malware From Thin Bits * ^ Itzik Kotler N/A
hacking the world with 4th grade math Chris N/A
The FaaS and the Curious * Bryan Mcaninch N/A
Defending Against the Grifter Sophie Daniel N/A
Digital forensics with open source tools Forensico N/A
Strengthen Your SECOPS Team by Leveraging Neurodiversity Megan Roddie N/A
Barcowned - Popping Shells with your Cereal Box * Michael West N/A
PSAmsi: Offensive PowerShell Interaction with the AMSI * Ryan Cobb N/A