wifs 2017 Dec. 4, 2017 to Dec. 7, 2017, rennes,france

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Methods for Understanding Deep Neural Networks and their Predictions, Grégoire Montavon N/A
Biometric Spoofing and Anti-Spoofing aka Presentation Attack Detection, Sébastien Marcel N/A
Security and Privacy in Machine Learning, Nicolas Papernot N/A
Towards Measuring Uniqueness of Human Voice, S. Tandgan , H. Sencar , B. Tavlı N/A
Benchmarking Keystroke Authentication Algorithms, J. Huang , D. Hou , S. Schuckers , T. Law , A. Sherwin N/A
Sensitivity Analysis in Keystroke Dynamics using Convolutional Neural Networks, H. Ceker , S. Upadhyaya N/A
Enhanced Free-Text Keystroke Continuous Authentication based on Dynamics of Wrist Motion, B. Li , H. Sun , Y. Gao , V. Phoha , Z. Jin N/A
Secure identification under jamming attacks, H. Boche , C. Deppe N/A
Extended Beamforming by Sum and Difference Composite Co-Array for Radio Surveillance, S. Iwazaki , K. Ichige N/A
Energy Obfuscation for Compressive Encryption and Processing, M. Testa , T. Bianchi , E. Magli N/A
Robust Secure Storage of Data Sources with Perfect Secrecy, H. Boche , S. Baur N/A
A state of the art in journalism about fake image and video detection Denis Teyssou N/A
It’s Always April Fools’ Day! On the Difficulty of Social Network Misinformation Classification via Propagation Features, M. Conti , D. Lain , R. Lazzeretti , G. Lovisotto , W. Quattrociocchi N/A
Tracing images back to their social network of origin: a CNN-based approach, I. Amerini , T. Uricchio , R. Caldelli N/A
Design of Projection Matrices for PRNU Compression, P. Bestagini , S. Tubaro , L. Bondi , F. Perez-gonzalez N/A
The Vulnerability of Learning to Adversarial Perturbation Increases with Intrinsic Dimensionality, L. Amsaleg , J. Bailey , D. Barbe , S. Erfani , M. E. Houle , V. Nguyen , M. Radovanovic N/A
A gradient-based pixel-domain attack against SVM detection of global image manipulations, Y. Zhao , X. Li , B. Tondi , M. Barni , C. Zhipeng , R. Ni N/A
Retrieving Dates in Smart Card Dumps is as Hard as Finding a Needle in a Haystack, C. Rosenberger , T. Gougeon , G. Avoine , M. Barbier , P. Lacharme N/A
Audio Phylogenetic Analysis using Geometric Transforms, P. Bestagini , S. Tubaro , S. Verde , S. Milani N/A
Single Use Biometric Tokens for Non-repudiable Multi-party Transactions, K. Nandakumar , N. Ratha , S. Pankanti , S. Darnell N/A
Latent Fingerprint Segmentation Based on Convolutional Neural Networks, J. Hu , Y. Zhu , X. Yin , X. Jia N/A
A two factor transformation for speaker verification through L1 comparison, B. Raj , A. Jimenez N/A
Photo Forensics from JPEG Dimples, S. Agarwal , H. Farid N/A
Object Insertion and Removal in Images with Mirror Reflection, Z. Sun , A. Hoogs N/A
Distinguishing Computer Graphics from Natural Images Using Convolution Neural Networks, N. Rahmouni , V. Nozick , J. Yamagishi , I. Echizen N/A
Image Carving with Missing Headers and Missing Fragments, E. Durmus , M. Mohanty , S. Taspinar N/A
“A primer on blockchain technology and the bitcoin cryptocurrency“ Emmanuelle Anceaume N/A
On the feasibility of classification-based product package authentication, R. Schraml , A. Uhl , C. Kauba , L. Debiasi N/A
Security in the Shell : An Optical Physical Unclonable Function made of Shells of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals, G. Lenzini , S. Ouchani , P. Roenne , P. Ryan , Y. Geng , J. Lagerwall , J. Hyun Noh N/A
Privacy Preserving Identification Using Sparse Approximation with Ambiguization, B. Razeghi , S. Voloshynovskiy , D. Kostadinov , O. Taran N/A
Linking Received Packet to the Transmitted Through Physical-Fingerprinting of Controller Area Network, O. Avatefipour , A. Hafeez , M. Tayyab , H. Malik N/A
An Approach for Gait Anonymization using Deep Learning, J. Yamagishi , I. Echizen , N.-d. Tieu , H. Nguyen , H.-q. Nguyen-son N/A
Minutia-pair spectral representations for fingerprint template protection, B. Škorić , T. Stanko N/A
A Fault-tolerant and Efficient Scheme for Data Aggregation Over Groups in the Smart Grid, Z. Erkin , F. Knirsch , D. Engel N/A
AHEad: Privacy-preserving Online Behavioural Advertising using Homomorphic Encryption, Z. Erkin , L. Helsloot , G. Tillem N/A