ICSST 2012 March 10, 2012 to March 12, 2012, Hong Kong, China

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Plenary Speech 1 Prof. Sandhu N/A Security
Plenary Speech 2 Prof. chin-chen Chang N/A Security
Plenary Speech 3 Professor wang Jun N/A Security
Emotion Classification by Machine Learning Algorithm Using Physiological Signals Eun-hye Jang , Byoung-jun Park , Sang-hyeob Kim , Jin-hun Sohn N/A
Vectorizing Image Outlines Using Spline Computing Approach Muhammad Sarfraz N/A Security
Application of Evolutionary Data Mining Algorithms to Insurance Fraud Prediction Jenn-long Chen N/A Security
Application of Chaos Theory and Data Mining to Seizure Detection of Epilepsy Chien-liang Chen , Jenn-long Syu N/A
The Inference of Contrast for Probabilistic Theories of Causality Joonsung Kim N/A Security
Improving HCCA Using Automatic Summarization Seemab Latif , Mary mcgee Wood , Goran Nenadic N/A
Three Differental Emotions and Classification Using Physiological Signals Eun-hye Jang , Byoung-jun Park , Sang-hyeob Kim , Jin-hun Sohn , Chul Huh N/A
A New Technique of Embedding Multigrain Parallel HPRC in or1200 a Soft-Core Processor Maheswari.r , Pattabiraman.v N/A
Opinion Groups Identification in Blogosphere Based on the Techniques of Web Mining and Social Networks Analysis I-hsien Ting , Chia-sung Yen N/A
Bayesian Network Based Causal Relationship Identification and Funding Success Prediction in P2P Lending Xue Rui , Bingwu Liu , Shaohua Tan N/A
Customer Segmentation Based on Modified RFM Model in the Insurance Industry Reza allahyari Soeini , Ebrahim Fathalizade N/A
A Shadow Removing Tool from Single Image: A Granular Reflex Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network Approach Abhijeet v. Nandedkar N/A Security
Texture Image Segmentation Using FCM Kanchan s. Deshmukh N/A Security
ANN Based Application of Pharmacogenetics to Personalized Cancer Treatment Bekir Karlik , Emre Oztoprak N/A
Evolutionary Algorithms Based Fixed Order Robust Controller Design and Robustness Performance Analysis Faizullah Mahar , Syed saaz Azhar , Zuhaibuddin Bhutto , Ayaz Hussain N/A
Customer Targeting Framework: Scalable Repeat Purchase Scoring Algorithm for Large Databases Biswajit Pal , Subhasish Misra , Ritwik Sinha , Abhishek Saha , Peter Jaumann N/A
Nearest Neighbour Classifier Accuracy Improvement Using Enhanced Particle Swarm Optimization Hassan m. Elragal N/A Security
Giving on Optimum Method for Choosing and Evaluating the Investors in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industries in Iran Reza allahyari Soeini , Ahmad Allahbakhshi N/A
Contractors to Identify and Evaluate Methods: Classification and Literature Review Reza allahyari Soeini , Ahmad Allahbakhshi N/A
Simple and Secure Communication Enabled by Innovating Service Providing Styles by IPv6 Address Shigeyoshi Shima , Hiroshi Kitamura N/A
Performance Evaluation of VMware and VirtualBox Deepak k Damodaran , Biju r Mohan , Vasudevan m S , Dinesh Naik N/A
A New Method for Computing EM Algorithm Parameters in Speaker Identification Using Gaussian Mixture Models Mohsen Bazyar , Ahmad Keshavarz , Khatoon Bazyar N/A
The Discussion and Perspectives of Older Learners’ Needs of E-Learning Curriculum in Taiwan Pi-shan Hsu N/A Security
Simulation of Flocking Behavior in Game by Human Emotions – Using Embedded Support Vector Machine Jung-ying Wang , Wei-han Li N/A
A Virtual Currency Based Incentive Mechanism in P2P Network Dong Jianquan , Wang Guangfeng , Yang Mingying N/A
Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Adapting to Changes over Dynamic Time Zhang Qian-qian , Ye Ning N/A
Energy Consumption In Random Cluster Head Selection Phase of WSN Rabia noor Enam , Mumtazul Imam , Rehan inam Qureshi N/A
A Technique for Enhancing Customer Relationships in the Service Industry Tzu-ching Lin N/A Security
A Study on EMI Shielding Material Effectiveness for Bulding Construction S.p Chew , M.s Hamzah , M.y Alias , A.a Azid , M.n. Elya N/A
Bandwidth Reservation Routing Technique Based on Agent in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Rate Control with AODV Sarita singh Bhadauria , Vishnu kumar Sharma N/A
A Systemfor Scanning Traffic Detection in 3G WCDMA Network Sekwon Kim , Joohyung Oh , Chaetae Im N/A
Xml Query with Parent-Child Edges Optimization Algorithm Wang Jing-bin N/A Security
Method of Fuzzy Matching Feature Extraction and Clustering Genome Data Nagamma Patil , Durga Toshniwal , Kumkum Garg N/A
Proximity-Based Data Dissemination Model for Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks Maan Khedr , Mohamad abou El-nasr , Wael Aly N/A
Interference Problem between ZigBee and WiFi Wail Mardini\xef\x80\xab , Yaser Khamayseh , Reem Jaradatand , Rana Hijjawi N/A
Moment-Preserving Based Watermarking for Color Image Authentication and Recovery Kuo-cheng Liu N/A Security
Wireless Sensor Networks: Attack Models and Detection Vinod kumar Jatav , Meenakshi Tripathi\xef\x80\xab , M s Gaur , Vijay Laxmi N/A
Research on the Construction of the Resort Mobile Tourism Guide System Chung-hung Tsai N/A Security
An Application of Tensor Product Expansion for Hierarchization of Graph Model Hidetomo Suzuki , Atushi Ohta , Kokichi Tsuji N/A
Robust Watermarking for Protection of Geospatial Data Sangita zope- Chaudhari , P. Venkatachalam N/A
Session Initiation Protocol Attacks and Challenges Hassan Keshavarz , Mohammad Sattari , Rafidah md Noor N/A
A Fair and Secure Key Escrow Scheme under Diverse Transmission Circumstances with Lawful Investigation Bing-chang Chen N/A Security
New Implimentation of Hashing and Encoding in Digital Signature Erfaneh Noroozi , Salwani Daud , Ali Sabouhi , Mohamadreza , Saleh Namadi N/A
Role and Data-Based Constraints of Data Access Control in a Legacy System Migration to a Service-Oriented Environment Richard Millham , Evans Dogbe , Prenitha Singh N/A
Performance Comparison of XSS Mitigations Based on Platform and Browsers Dinesh Naik , Ravi kanth Kotha , Gaurav Prasad N/A