Security B-Sides CT 2012 June 11, 2012 to June 11, 2012, Meriden, CT, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Danger in the Mobile Marketplace Timothy Armstrong The Android operating system is on an explosive growth pattern, and has recently surpassed Apples ... Security
Weaponizing The Smartphone: Deploying the Perfect WMD Kizz Myanthia "Weaponizing The Smarphone: Deploying The Perfect WMD" will show the audience how to create a ... Security
GNU Telephony David Sugar GNU Free Call; communications for free societies GNU Free Call is a project that was ... Security
pwn0- game on! Charlie Vedaa "Have you ever wanted to go all 'Grand Theft Auto' on a network? To brazenly ... Security
Transparent Command and Control for Smartphones over SMS Redux Georgia Weidman As smartphones become increasingly ubiquitous and powerful, they become appealing targets for botnet infections. Many ... Security
Hacking The Interview Boris Sverdlik We have all had that interview where you walk out with that knot in your ... Security
Pen Testing People: Social Engineering Integration Ryan O'Horo The security regimen most companies follow rarely includes the most critical element of any infrastructure ... Security
SCADA Security Chris Karr Smart Grid operators must be diligent against international security threats from cyber terrorists, organized hackers, ...
Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Dan Weinstein N/A Security