BruCON 2012 Sept. 24, 2012 to Sept. 27, 2012, Ghent, Belgium

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
(Keynote) Letting Loose the Dogs of (cyber) War Ed Skoudis "With the onslaught of recent headlines containing revelations of nation-state activity in computer attacks, a ... Security
Introducing the Smartphone Penetration Testing Framework Georgia Weidman As smartphones enter the workplace, sharing the network and accessing sensitive data, it is crucial ... Security
HTML5 - A Whole New Attack Vector Robert Mcardle "HTML5 opens up a wide and wonderful new world for Web Designers to explore - ... Security
Security of National eID (smartcard-based) Web Applications Raul Siles "National electronic identification (eID) smartcards are used by millions of European citizens, like in Belgium ... Security
Herding RATs Andreas Bogk It all started out with a seemingly harmless request: "Could you have a look at ... Security
"Cyberwar" : Not What We Were Expecting Josh Corman , Jericho With all the hyperbole and rhetoric surrounding "Cyber-War", we\'ve grown blind to the real conflicts. ...
A Million Mousetraps: Using Big Data and Little Loops to Build Better Defenses Allison Miller In many technical functions, automation is critical to maintaining stable, predictable, and effective operations. Security ... Security
New flaws in WPA-TKIP Mathy Vanhoef First an overview of the WPA-TKIP protocol is given and the currently known attacks are ... Security
Uncovering SAP vulnerabilities: dissecting and breaking the Diag protocol Martin Gallo "Nowadays, SAP Netweaver has become the most extensive platform for building enterprise applications and run ... Security
Recent Advances in IPv6 Security Fernando Gont The IPv6 protocol suite was designed to accommodate the present and future growth of the ... Security
pMap, the silent killer Gregory Pickett "With auto-configuration protocols now being added to operating systems and implemented by default in your ... Security
How I met your pointer (Hijacking client software for fuzz and profit) Carlos Garcia "Looking for vulnerabilities in closed source software is particularly difficult when the researcher is confronted ... Security
Satellite Hacking Paul Marsh What sort of data can be received from the vast numbers of satellites in orbit ... Security
LangSec Sergey Bratus , Meredith L. Patterson N/A
we have you by the gadgets Mickey Shkatov Why send someone an executable when you can just send them a sidebar gadget? We ... Security
Moar Anti-Forensics for the Louise Int0x80 Core) This presentation is the new and improved anti-forensics version of those "Stupid Pet Tricks" segments ... Security
The Defense RESTs: Automation and APIs for Improving Security David Mortman Want to get better at security? Improve your ops and improve your dev. Most of ... Security
Windows x64: The Essentials (2h) Didier Stevens In this workshop we will touch upon important differences between 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. Did ... Security
Advanced Chrome Extension Exploitation (2h) "kyle 'kos' Osborn , Krzysztof Kotowicz" Browser exploitation can seem to be a nearly unachievable task these days. ASLR, DEP, segregated ...
Clearing the Red Forest (4h) Michael Sikorski , William Ballenthin Many incident responders and forensic analysts search systems for evil without a dedicated malware analyst, ...
Introducing OWTF (4hr) Abraham Aranguren In this talk there will be a brief introduction to OWTF. This will be followed ... Security
The PANIC Project Matt Erasmus , Biosshadow , Benson Every year, thousands of passwords are leaked to the internet (most often via a post ...
Hacking with Python (2hr) Vivek Ramachandran This workshop will give you a crash course in how to apply Python Scripting to ... Security
Shotgun Parsers in the Crosshairs Sergey Bratus , Meredith L. Patterson Any code that transforms data has to make some assumptions about what it receives; it\'s ...
LSEC - Hiring! Looking for volunteer Cyber FireFighters and Innovative Cyber Security Measures Lsec Some innovative pilots under discussion : Fast-Flux detection and monitoring tool for infected machines behind ... Security
Hardware Hacking Fbz N/A Security
Lockpicking Walter belgers (toool) N/A Security