Wahckon 2013 May 4, 2013 to May 5, 2013, Perth,Austrailia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
A Small Chain of Security Bugs Gone Astray (AKA why XSS can be worse than you think) Hugh Davenport Security bugs can range in damage from small stuff, all the way to big stuff. ... Security
Team Farmtress 2: Farming for Profit in Valve's War-Themed Hat Simulator Dr greg Baatard "Online FPS Team Fortress 2 has a sprawling economy that's every bit as intricate as ... Security
Lockin and Poppin Brian Tisdale Come and learn the theory of poppin locks, looking at interesting locks. Also: locks. Security
Understanding the Human Body in Order to Break it. An Introduction to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fundamentals. Matt Lambie Brazilian jiu jitsu shot to the top of the martial arts stack when Royce Gracie ... Security
Anonymous Post-Compromise Control via Tor Hidden Services David Taylor This talk covers how a compromised system can be controlled via the Tor network, providing ... IncludeThinkstScapes Tor .onion
Hardware hacking and stretching the Parrot ARDrone platform to the limit Chris Courtis , James Mccutcheon , Grant Boxall , Jacob King A discussion on the state of Autonomous UAV robotics with reference to the Parrot ARDrone ...
Digital Forensics Awareness Week (why it should be a thing) Chris Courtis , Lex Burke Part 1: A presentation from the Ersnt and Young Digital Forensics team on what the ...
Watering Hole Exploitation Jody Melbourne This talk will discuss the rise in use of watering hole attacks by (allegedly) state ... Security
Privacy & The Big Brothers Chris Hanratty Information about us all is being harvested, crunched, created, bought, sold and used in many ... Security
ICANN & the DNS Root Dave Cake A brief overview of what ICANN is, the ICANN DNS policy process, coming changes to ... Security
DIY b0tn3t with a Student Budget Pi3ch "The presenter's research experiment to host, command and control a botCloud" Security
Urban Surveying, Exploring and Adventuring Wez What are the different reasons behind Urban Exploring? Wes will talk about the challenge levels ... Security
The Dark Side of Social Media - Dual Use Platforms "dr simon O'rouke" "This talk will discuss some of the dual uses for data uploaded into social media ... Security
Phreaking in a post copper world, a discussion on VoIP hacking and fraud. Kai "Computer Hacking/Cracking has traditionally been viewed as a methodology for gaining access to equipment and ... Security
The Role of Hackers and the Internet in Campaigns for Social Justice and Change Peter Dreisiger Over the past decade, Internet-based systems have played an increasingly important role in humanitarian, social ... Security
WithIn The Groove: How To Be A Dick To Your Arcade Cameron Ball Signing and running custom Lua code on an ITG arcade machine to get free credits ... Security
Cyberwar and the Real World Sheldon Gill There has been talk about cyberwarfare and the potential for digital conflict for decades now. ... Security