EDSC 2013 Aug. 14, 2013 to Aug. 15, 2013, Seattle,Washington

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Michael Eddington , Adam Cecchetti N/A
Digital Herpes - It's Industrial Disease Jon Steinhart N/A
Hacking your Control System at Level 2 K. Reid Wightman N/A
Fault injection on secure boot Jasper van Woudenberg N/A
Supercomputing meets Rapid Prototyping, with Implications for Everyone Timothy Carstens N/A
To watch or be watched? Turning your surveillance camera against you. Artem Harutyunyan N/A
Hacking, Surveilling, and Deceiving victims on Smart TV Seungjin Lee N/A
Active Shields Design Strategies Jean-michel Cioranesco N/A
Defeating Spread Spectrum Communication with Software Defined Radio Michael Ossmann N/A