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rtCaptcha: A Real-Time CAPTCHA Based Liveness Detection System. NDSS-2018 - san diego,usa
Broken Fingers: On the Usage of the Fingerprint API in Android. NDSS-2018 - san diego,usa
Efficient Protection of Path-Sensitive Control Security usenixsecurity-2017 - vancouver,canada
Bunshin: Compositing Security Mechanisms through Diversification ATC-2017 - santa clara,usa
Unleashing Use-Before-Initialization Vulnerabilities in the Linux Kernel Using Targeted Stack Spraying NDSS-2017 - california,usa
Financial Lower Bounds of Online Advertising Abuse Dimva-2016 - Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain
The Price of Free: Privacy Leakage in Personalized Mobile In-Apps Ads NDSS-2016 - california,usa
How to Make ASLR Win the Clone Wars: Runtime Re-Randomization NDSS-2016 - california,usa
Enforcing Kernel Security Invariants with Data Flow Integrity NDSS-2016 - california,usa
Type Casting Verification: Stopping an Emerging Attack Vector SecuritySymposium-2015 - washington,USA
Checking More and Alerting Less: Detecting Privacy Leakages via Enhanced Data-flow Analysis and Peer Voting NDSS-2015 - san diego,usa
Preventing Use-after-free with Dangling Pointers Nullification NDSS-2015 - san diego,usa
Exploiting and Protecting Dynamic Code Generation NDSS-2015 - san diego,usa
A11y Attacks: Exploiting Accessibility in Operating Systems CCS-2014 - Scottsdale,USA
Your Online Interests – Pwned! A Pollution Attack Against Targeted Advertising CCS-2014 - Scottsdale,USA
Mimesis Aegis: A Mimicry Privacy Shield–A System’s Approach to Data Privacy on Public Cloud usenix-2014 - san diego,usa
On the Feasibility of Large-Scale Infections of iOS Devices usenix-2014 - san diego,usa
Gyrus: A Framework for User-Intent Monitoring of Text-based Networked Applications NDSS-2014 - San Diego,USA
Jekyll on iOS: When Benign Apps Become Evil USENIX-2013 - Washington, D.C.
Take This Personally: Pollution Attacks on Personalized Services USENIX-2013 - Washington, D.C.
From Throw-Away Traffic to Bots: Detecting the Rise of DGA-Based Malware USENIX-2012 - Washington, D.C.
SURF: Detecting and Measuring Search Poisoning Confrence-on-computer-communications-security-2011 - Chicago, USA
Building A Dynamic Reputation System For Dns 19th USENIX Security Symposium-2010 - Washington DC, USA Security
Xbook: Redesigning Privacy Control In Social Networking Platforms 18th USENIX Security Symposium-2009 - Montreal, Canada Security Privacy
Botminer: Clustering Analysis Of Network Traffic For Protocol- And Structure-Independent Botnet Detection 17th USENIX Security Symposium-2008 - San Jose, USA Security Analysis
Systems Security 17th USENIX Security Symposium-2008 - San Jose, USA Security
Www Security 16th USENIX Security Symposium-2007 - Boston, USA Security
Bothunter: Detecting Malware Infection Through Ids-Driven Dialog Correlation 16th USENIX Security Symposium-2007 - Boston, USA Security Malware
Polymorphic Blending Attacks 15th USENIX Security Symposium-2006 - Vancouver, Canada Security