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Workshop 3 Python and Machine Learning: How to Clusterize a Malware Dataset BOTCONF-2017 - montpellier,france
Keynote How to Compute the Clusterization of a Very Large Dataset of Malware with Open Source Tools for Fun & Profit? BOTCONF-2017 - montpellier,france
PyOnyphe Client Library, BOTCONF-2017 - montpellier,france
FastIR Collector botconf-2016 - lyon,france
How Does Dridex Hide Friends? botconf-2016 - lyon,france
FastIR Collector hacklu-2016 - parchotel,luxembourg
Complex malware & forensics investigation Hackitoergosum-2015 - paris,france
Malcom Workshop (2 hours) HackLu-2015 - parcHotel,Luxembourg
NFC/RFID Security & Privacy workshop by Philippe Teuwen Workshop DFIR and Open Source Hacklu-2014 - Luxembourg,Germany
Exploit Krawler: New Weapon againt Exploits Kits botconf-2013 - Paris,France