0Wn The C0N! Bof presented at ShmooCon 2005

by Beetle ,

Tags: Community

URL : http://web.archive.org/web/20050404000611/www.shmoocon.org/program.html

Summary : Whether you've noticed it or not, there's a trendy opinion emerging, amongst the folks around you, that the smaller hacker cons are where it's at. Fewer crowds, more clue. Less traffic, cooler tools. Fewer feds, more friends. ToorCon is the standard. CanSecWest is the cold kick-ass con. Creative genius abounds at CodeCon. LayerOne is the nifty newbie. Notacon, Phreaknic, etc. And now, in D.C., we have ShmooCon, which might actually have more feds, but aims to bring the small-hacker-con-with-clue fad to the nation's capital.

So let's figure out what it is we like and don't like about cons--including this one. Help us make our con better. Let's make other cons better. From suggestions to start-your-own-con strategies, we can figure out how to maintain or create critical, small scale, geek gatherings for ourselves and the public at large.

To hell with surveys. To hell with email feedback. This is live. This is on-site. The Shmoo Group wants you to step up to the mic and "0wn the C0n"!