Lockpicking 101 presented at ShmooCon 2005

by Deviant Ollam,

Tags: Hardware Reverse Engineering

URL : http://web.archive.org/web/20050404000611/www.shmoocon.org/program.html

Summary : Physical security isn't just a concern of the IT world. Besides securing server rooms, locks of all sizes and styles are scattered throughout our lives. However, much of the general public is unaware of the insecurities present in many lock designs. Through discussion and direct example, Deviant Ollam will address the strenghts and weaknesses of standard pin tumbler locks, combination locks, warded locks, wafer locks, and more. Along with discussions of effective tools, advanced techniques, master key theory, this talk is aimed at lockpick novices who are interested in better security and learning lockpicking skills. While always the first to admit that he's no Barry Wels, Deviant hopes to have a good time with this lockpick talk and looks forward to hand-on audience participation. Many styles of practice locks and picks will be made available.v