The Warpack: Perverting Wearable Computing On A Budget presented at ShmooCon 2005

by Renderman ,

Tags: Hardware General


Summary : Defcon 12 had an interesting and amusing sight wandering around the con for the Wardriving Mini-contests. It was RenderMan and the 'Warpack', a custom built backpack mounted laptop for use in the contests. This presentation will focus on the idea, construction, use and evolution of this novel concept in wearable computing and Warwalking, as well as Q/A and audience suggestions/comments for future development.

The Mark I version was the one that made it's debut at DC12. Part of the presentation will cover the reasoning (however odd), construction techniques and usage for this version. The remainder will focus on new developments since then for the Mark II, including new antenna mounts, new wardriving equipment, external Kismet monitor, and a sleeker design.