On The Social Responsibility Of Hackers presented at ShmooCon 2008

by Simple Nomad, Johnny Long (Hackers for charity), Bruce Potter (The Shmoo Group ), Rick Dakan, Tbd ,

Tags: Security Wireless Panel Privacy Community

Summary : What good is a hacker? Hell, what is a hacker? Over the years the hacker culture has evolved from a small group of "damn the man" information seekers to a large, diverse mass of individuals who have a demonstrable impact on society. At the same time, the world has come to rely on IT systems for daily life; everything from our electricity and sewage to transportation to education depends on the security and safety of computers world wide. But is securing these systems a "greater good" on par with feeding starving children and providing shelter to those out in the cold? Further, does the hacker and security community have a role in securing these systems?
This panel will examine the role of hackers and security professionals in todays society. By combining a grey beard, an historian, some first class defenders, and a few other odds and ends, we hope to figure out what some "greater good" problems are with respect to information security. We also hope to explore the evolving role of hackers and security professionals in society. This should be a fun and interesting way to end ShmooCon. At the very least, if you want to get the prizes in the closing remarks, you should sit through this panel first. :)
Bio - Bruce Potter
Bruce Potter is the founder of the Shmoo Group of security professionals, as well a the co-founder of Ponte Technologies, a company focused on deploying advanced defensive technologies. His areas of expertise include wireless security, network analysis, pirate songs, and restoring hopeless vehicles. Mr. Potter has co-authored several books including "802.11 Security" and "Mastering FreeBSD and OpenBSD Security" published by O'Reilly and "Mac OS X Security" by New Riders.
Bio - Simple Nomad
Simple Nomad is a security researcher and architect, which means he is a hacker who got a job. He speaks on security and privacy topics at conferences around the globe, as well as entertaining the press via interviews in television, print, and online mediums. In addition to being one of the most attractive hackers on the planet, he did not write his own bio. Really. Seriously. Ok...fine, I did. So sue me.
Bio - Johnny Long
Johnny Long is a professional hacker by trade, a pirate by blood, a ninja in training, a security researcher and author. He can be found lurking at his website (http://johnny.ihackstuff.com). Johnny is the founder of Hackers For Charity (http://ihackcharities.org), an organization that provides hackers with job experience while leveraging their skills for charities that need those skills.
Bio - Rick Dakan
Rick Dakan is the author of Geek Mafia and Geek Mafia: Mile Zero as well as the co-creator if the hit MMORPG, City of Heroes. He's spent the last two years studying and slowly being seduced by the hacker community and is working on two non-fiction books about privacy issues and an overview of hacker culture. For more of his ramblings, see rickdakan.com.