Why malware = business risk: the evolving malware ecosystem presented at Virus Bulletin 2008

by Tom Bowers (Kaspersky lab),

Tags: Security

URL : http://www.virusbtn.com/conference/vb2008/abstracts/Bowers.xml

Summary : The days of simple malware are long gone, replaced by a malware ecosystem so organized it rivals that of any legitimate
corporation out there today. Individual exploitations have evolved into large strategic and targeted attacks on global
companies, with devastating effects. From spam hawking counterfeit drugs to fund terrorist activities, to countries
using economic espionage for competitive advantage, the malware ecosystem is complex, thriving and

With malware structured as an international conglomerate, security vendors face a shifting and more determined adversary.
And while the danger this adversary poses to individual users is well understood, what is largely absent from the
conversation is how this impacts the enterprise.

Virus Bulletin attendees understand threats on a technical level, but they need to elevate their understanding to
incorporate business risk perspective. Malware and other malicious content pose a serious business risk to intellectual
property, fraud, competitive information and advantage. This presentation will discuss and examine how winning the
IT fight against the organized malware ecosystem equates to minimizing business risk and an improved bottom line.