How secure is your virtualized network? presented at Virus Bulletin 2008

by Joshua Corman (Ibm),

Tags: Security


Summary : "Virtualization is one of the most significant IT trends of the decade and promises to change the shape of the data centre
itself. However, although it will drive down hardware costs and increase server utilization, it will also create new
management and security challenges. Server sprawl will be replaced with 'virtual server sprawl'. New vectors will be
vulnerable to attack at the management, hypervisor, I/O and hardware levels. Instead of targeting physical machines for
profit and access to critical data, malicious Internet hackers will target virtual machines. Security must therefore
protect virtual servers, networks and data without constraining the innovation and flexibility virtualization brings
to the data centre. This session will outline unique ways to deliver security to physical networks, servers and endpoints
as well as their virtual counterparts.
Attendees will learn about:
The latest Internet security threats within the VMware infrastructure
New techniques to measure a return on security investment
Compliance regulations and how to take steps today to avoid a security breach in the near future