Inside the OODA Loop - Towards an Aggressive Defense presented at ShmooCon 2012

by Sandy Clark, Matt Blaze, David Nelson-fisher, Matthew Elmore,

Summary : The defenders are losing the cyber security arms race. Why, because *We\'re doing it Wrong!* All of our defensive strategies are outdated and based on wrong assumptions about attackers\' capabilities and the software environment. - So, let\'s figure out how to do it right. Come participate in a unique session. Part panel discussion, part open-floor brainstorming round-table, this session is intended to crowd-source ShmooCon attendees creativity, intelligence, skill set, experience and gift for non-linear thinking.
To get things started, the panel will present ideas from Military strategy, Military history, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology that we think might be applied to cyber security, and then we\'ll open the floor to all present to brainstorm ways to break the "Patch it and Pray" cycle.
Don\'t be a spectator, don\'t be a passive. We have our ideas, so bring yours and bounce them off of everybody else\'s. Who knows what will evolve.