Whack-a-Mobile: Getting a Handle on Mobile Testing with MobiSec Live Environment presented at ShmooCon 2012

by Kevin Johnson, Tony Delagrange,

Summary : One of the challenges organizations face is the expense and complexity in designing, developing, and building test environments to adequately evaluate the security controls and risks around their mobile devices, applications, and infrastructure. Consequently, the complexity and expense increases by orders of magnitude when taking into account the variety of mobile devices, operating systems, application versions, supporting infrastructure, and the various potential configuration settings that an organization may include in their mobile environment. Given these challenges, very few organizations are actually testing mobile device security as it relates to their environment.
In this talk, Tony and Kevin will introduce the MobiSec Live Environment, which is a live testing environment preconfigured and installed with all the tools and configurations needed to perform security assessments and testing of mobile platforms. They will explore the various features and functions as well explain how the environment was built with the support of the DARPA Cyber Fast Track Program. A short demo of the MobiSec Live Environment will be included.