Hello ASM World: A Painless and Contextual Introduction to x86 Assembly presented at DerbyCon 2013

by Nicolle ( rogueclown ) Neulist,

Summary : Familiarity with assembly language is essential if you are interested in writing custom exploits, performing reverse engineering of binaries, or analyzing malware. Getting started with assembly can seem daunting at first: the instructions don’t resemble familiar higher-level instructions very closely. However, with a bit of knowledge of computer memory and a bit of context with both higher-level languages and simple yet useful code, programming useful things in assembly becomes a lot easier. This talk will explain basic principles of programming in x86 assembly language, provide concrete examples of simple functions implemented in assembly beside that same functionality implemented in a higher-level language, and demonstrate basic techniques for writing custom shellcode. No experience programming in assembly language is expected, though some basic experience programming in a higher-level language is helpful.