Raising Hacker Kids: For Good or for Awesome presented at DerbyCon 2013

by Joseph Shaw,

Summary : “An early, rough version of this talk was given at BSides DFW 2012, but this is being updated and reworked.
This talk is about how someone like myself, who grew up in the late 80′s and 90′s hacker scene and managed to stay out of trouble, had 8 kids of his own who are just like him that he is now trying to keep engaged, focused, and most of all out of trouble. This will detail the trials and tribulations of being a tech-savvy father of tech-savvy kids; how to identify their talents, direct them in ways that keep them and you out of the headlines, and keep the hacker spirit alive in the 21st century by raising another generation of hackers. We’ve done everything from build 18′ catapults, detonated binary explosives, and hacked code/runtime memory to exploit video games. I think this is a great talk for DerbyCon because last year I noticed a significant amount of parents with young children, and this information will be useful to them as their children get older.”