Raspberry Pi, Media Centers, and AppleTV presented at DerbyCon 2013

by David Schuetz,

Summary : I have three kids. We take a few reasonably-long car trips each year. Until now, that meant selecting some largish subset of our ever-expanding library of kid-friendly movies, and then enduring endless arguments over which one to watch in the car.
Now, as the kids get older, they’ve all got their own iStuff, and we have different problems. Like, they can’t play Minecraft together without a network. So I turned a Raspberry Pi into an access point. Hey, what if I put a DLNA server on that? Now they can each watch their own movies. But what happens when their batteries run out? Okay, let’s put a player on the Pi and hook that to the car system. And once we reach the beach, I’ll hook up the AppleTV and they can watch movies served by iTunes on my…er…on my work laptop? That’s no good. How about I serve movies from the Pi directly to AppleTV as well?
Wouldn’t all that be cool? It is. I’ll show you how. And I’ll even release code.

David Schuetz: David is an old-school, dumb-terminal kind of UNIX geek who's always been fascinated by password cracking. Past work in this area has included distributed password cracking, pattern-based dictionaries, and building Rainbow tables for salted passwords. Currently employed by Intrepidus Group, David performs assessments on web applications, mobile devices, and occasionally networks. His alter ego, Darth Null, greatly enjoys solving puzzle contests at security conferences.