Black Ops 2005 presented at BlackHatUSA 2005

by Dan Kaminsky,

Summary : Another year, another batch of packet related stunts. A preview:
A Temporal Attack against IP
It is commonly said that IP is a stateless protocol. This is not entirely true. We will discuss a mechanism by which IP's limited stateful mechanisms can be exploited to fingerprint operating systems and to evade most intrusion detection systems.
Application-layer attacks against MD5
We will show how web pages and other executable environments can be manipulated to emit arbitrarily different content with identical MD5 hashes.
Realtime visualizations of large network scans
Building on Cheswick's work, I will demonstrate tools for enhancing our comprehension of the torrential floods of data received during large scale network scans. By leveraging the 3D infrastructure made widely available for gaming purposes, we can display and animate tremendous amounts of data for administrator evaluation.
A High Speed Arbitrary Tunneling Stack
Expanding on last year's talk demonstrating live streaming audio over DNS, I will now demonstrate a reliable communication protocol capable of scaling up to streaming video over multiple, arbitrary, potentially asymmetric transports.