A girl, some passion, and some tech stuff presented at DerbyCon 2014

by Johnny Long, Branden Miller, Emily Miller, Sam Kinch.,

Summary : Give a girl a computer and she will play; make her build one and she can save a village. This talk will highlight the evolution of personal growth and discovery experienced by Emily and Branden Miller. We will show the audience how easy it is to build a RachelPi educational computer, how to connect with a group in need, and how to change the lives of those people. We also show the evolution of the RachelPi into the current PelicanPi as built by Hackers for Charity.

Johnny Long: I’m a Christian, Hacker, Author, Pirate and Ninja. Johnny's bios (like Johnny himself) sometimes go missing. Something resembling both can be found at http://www.hackersforcharity.org.