IoT Privacy and Security Implications: What New Regimes and Policies Will be Needed for the Emerging Connected World? presented at CyberMaryland 2014

by Joshua Corman, Chris Preimesberger, Cynthia Larose, Tim Gooch,

Summary : This session will explore security, privacy, innovation and the influence of policy as it relates to the Internet of Things. As we move steadily closer to connecting every person and device in the world, our economic future will depend even more on maintaining a unified global Internet. The number of devices connected to the Internet exceeded the human population in 2007 and many estimate that by 2020 there will be 50 billion Internet connected devices. A movement commonly referred to as the Internet of Things. While devices will be smart, connected and will optimize efficiency, the growing number of connected devices provides an unprecedented number of vulnerable endpoints for cyber attackers to exploit. This reality creates a new set of security and privacy concerns. Leading innovators, investors, academics and government officials will explore the Internet of Things and the implications for new approaches in thinking by government, business and individuals regarding privacy and security across these widely distributed networks and the resulting amounts of data.