Defining and Enforcing Intent Semantics at ABI level presented at BlueHat 2014

by Sergey Bratus, Julian Bangert,

Summary : Dominant OS security policy designs treat a process as an opaque entity that has a "bag" of permissions to access some OS resources at any time, in any order. Now that the sensitive data that we most want to protect may never touch the filesystem or even cross a process boundary, these designs fail at their purpose. We introduce a design that has a much higher granularity of protection, yet is compatible with existing ABI, standard build chains, and binary utilities.

Sergey Bratus: Sergey Bratus is a Research Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Dartmouth College. He enjoys wireless and wired network hacking and tries to help fellow academics to understand its value and relevance. Before coming to Dartmouth, he worked on machine learning for natural text processing at BBN Technologies. He has a Ph.D. In Mathematics from Northeastern University.