Too Much for Anyone to Know (or) How to survive during war, "cyber-mayhem," and the game of spy versus spy. presented at InfoSecSouthWest 2015

by Richard Thieme,

Summary : We built it and now we have to live with it. That is a non-trivial enterprise in the different worlds without walls we want to navigate in relative safety. Some prefer denial and ignorant bliss to anxiety and fear and a life on meds. Others prefer clarity and good strategies, learning to be mindful and vigilent in a broken world that will never be completely fixed.
Thieme opens with a high-altitude view of how we got where we don't really want to be. The "mind of society," in which "cognitive artifacts" and virtual worlds often replace the "real" is the landscape and battlefield. We had better look at how the transformational engines of new technologiues are restructuring relationships, careers, how we think, how we define ourselves, and what that is doing to the basic tenets of security and intelligence. "Cyberwar" - a word many hate - is both real and fantastically unreal, and it takes place in a media-world that is manipulated, distorted, and its own worst enemy, where truth itself is the enemy and those who say it out loud are the disloyal opposition.
We can not only navigate this messy world, we can thrive in it, but we do need clarity and strategies used by the best. Thieme doesn't pretend to have that all locked up, but he has a few suggestions that might be useful.