Continuous Acceleration: Why Continuous Everything Requires a Supply Chain Approach presented at OWASPAppSecEu 2015

by Joshua Corman,

Summary : With continuous development, we write less code and consume more re-usable open source code. Innovation is accelerated and so is application complexity. Complexity is the enemy of quality. Poor quality creates unplanned/unschedule work. Re-work creates a drag on development speed. It’s a continuous loop.
While Agile and DevOps have made us faster and more efficient, they can only take us so far… and worse the year of OpenSource attacks we’ve just had commands better practices.
What if we could deliver applications on-time (even faster), on-budget (even more efficiently) and with a natural byproduct of more acceptable quality and risk?
The good news: other industries have figured this out with supply chain management. Applying supply chain approaches to software raises the bar on continuous goals.
A few of the patterns we can take from the rigor of things like the Toyota Supply Chain:
Scrutinize the number and quality of your “suppliers”
Manage out avoidable risk and complexity
Improve traceability and visibility
Ensure prompt agile responses when things go wrong