No Easy Breach: Challenges and Lessons Learned from an Epic Investigation presented at Shmoocon 2016

by Matt Dunwoody, Nick Carr,

Summary : Every IR presents unique challenges. But–when an attacker uses PowerShell, WMI, Kerberos attacks, novel persistence mechanisms, seemingly unlimited C2 infrastructure and half-a-dozen rapidly-evolving malware families across a 100k node network to compromise the environment at a rate of 10 systems per day–the cumulative challenges can become overwhelming. This talk will showcase the obstacles overcome during one of the largest and most advanced breaches Mandiant has ever responded to, the novel investigative techniques employed, and the lessons learned that allowed us to help remediate it.
Matt Dunwoody (@matthewdunwoody) and Nick Carr (@itsreallynick) are incident responders at Mandiant, specializing in digital forensics and network analysis. Matt has several years of experience as a technical lead for large-scale IR engagements and high-tech crime investigations. Nick has experience in computer security and intelligence roles and previously served as Chief Technical Analyst and incident response team lead for DHS ICS-CERT, focusing on SCADA systems and critical infrastructure cyber attack readiness and response.