#thingswikfound #omarax: What is it, and why you may care? presented at Shmoocon 2016

by Jaime Filson,

Summary : #thingswikfound #omarax is a by-product of hunting for phishing and other badness on the internet. Each day I scan over 2 million newly created domains from a wide range of TLDs, locating everything from 8XX tech support scams to Brand name phishing attempts.
Now I understand that scanning the internet for these things isn’t new in general, but I promise you that my approach is different (and at the very least an entertaining story).
Jaime ‘WiK’ Filson (@jaimefilson) is a Research Engineer on the Talos team at Cisco Systems, Inc. He enjoys long walks on the beach and has problems sleeping unless his computer is busy downloading, scanning, fuzzing, or cracking something.