Breaking Bulbs Briskly by Bogus Broadcasts presented at Shmoocon 2016

by Joseph Lorenzo Hall, Ben Ramsey,

Summary : Smart energy and building automation are powerful technologies with significant promise. Unfortunately, the global rush to connect as many devices to the network as possible leads to unintended vulnerabilities. The ability to physically damage hardware by abusing network access is particularly interesting. This talk has two goals: 1) introduce an open source tool for pen-testing proprietary Z-Wave wireless automation networks and 2) discuss a rapid process for destroying florescent lights. Frustrated at the lack of functionality in current Z-Wave hacking tools, we introduce a tool called EZ-Wave. Once access is gained to an automated lighting system, regardless of the protocol used, we demonstrate how to destroy florescent lamps rated for 30K hours within a single night of abuse.
Joseph Hall has eight years of experience in information security management. Eager to get his hands dirty, he focused his attention on investigating Z-Wave over the past year.
Ben Ramsey has been hacking networks for over a decade; he finds it therapeutic.