You didn't wipe your drives and now this talk happened presented at saintcon 2016

by Henry Hill,

Summary : Have you ever wondered what happens when you take your computer to be recycled? Do you know what your happens to your computers when the IT department get rid of them? Most people think that the hard drives are destroyed or wiped before leaving trusted care or that the person receiving the drive will perform that operation for you. Unfortunately this is not true. This talk will discuss examples of what happens when people fail to wipe, the dangers involved, who is forgetting to perform this and ways you can safe guard yourself from having accidental data exposure.
I am the owner of an IT asset management and disposition company along with a IT Company in Southern Utah. I have been in the Tech field my entire life and spent many years Auditing IT hardware management system's before starting Avid Lock Picking ninja that enjoys the Tech Conference Mentality.