Someone created a super-secret UtahSAINT subreddit - you won't believe what happened next! presented at saintcon 2016

by Jon Jarvis,

Summary : Introducing r/UtahSAINT and r/SaintCon!
This presentation will introduce two new(ish) subreddits that are intended for the education, edification, empowerment, and expansion of Utah's security community. A brief intro to will be included, the rules and goals will be reviewed and explained, and access requests will begin.
r/UtahSAINT will be private and require mod approval to join. It will feature Utah security issues and events, local job postings, and technical resources.
r/SaintCon will be public but only approved users can post. It will be feature SAINTCON videos, materials, general info, Village discussion, Hacker Challenge tips, and everything else related to the greatest security con the rest of the world doesn't (yet) know about!